Nowadays getting a job in a retail store or a sector can be great fun. Jobs in today's well developed retail stores in India help you meet new people, boost your communication skills and even avail fabulous discounts on all that you wish to buy.

With a growing trend to shop in big retail stores people throng in large number to these places particularly on holidays and on weekends. To cope with the extra rush retail stores look for people to evenings and on weekends, when business is hectic. These kinds of jobs are perfect for students and teens looking for a short time job or for active elders who would like to spend part of their time in work.

Most retail stores in major cities in India specialize in particular merchandise. Some such merchandise includes clothing, electronics or grocery. The larger retailers and department stores have different products enlisted with them. Finding jobs in retail stores can be very easy as retail shops have now been opened in all major and even smaller junctions of the city.

You can find work with them on a regular basis and reputed retail stores like Circuit City, Wal-Mart, and Macy's, go for a recruitment overdrive mainly of hourly workers in busy seasons every year.

Part Time Jobs and Positions in Retail
Some part time retail jobs are:

  • Retail Warehouse Workers Job: Every product is shipped to a warehouse of a retail shop. Retail workers take care of the jobs inside a warehouse i.e. checking and storing items properly and making entries and deleting entries.
  • Retail Buyer Job: Their job is to choose from the multitude of products and buy those that will work for their store.
  • Retail Merchandisers: Their job is to price products and think of the best ways to display them in the store.
  • Retail Sales Clerk Job: As a sales clerk you should push items to the customers in order to acquaint them with something new or help them choose the best one.
  • Retail Managers Job: is to look keep an eye on their work and help customers who have additional questions.
  • Retail Stockers Job: The retail stocker's work is to replace the items sold out on the store. Their job starts after sales are over for the day.
  • Retail Cashier Job: This job entails taking the cost and providing the bill.
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  • By R J on November 8, 2010, 1:51 pm R J Hello, This is RAJA working for future group for a format KB's Fair price as a Area Manager since from past 2 years 6 months. My total Retail experience is for 7 years Previously i was working for Metro Cash & Carry India (P) Ltd.My Qualification is Please let me know if i have any opportunity for Department Manager in your organization. Thanks & Regards, RAJA.J

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