Part time jobs can consolidate your financial status no matter you are a student or an already employed person. Nottingham offers ample opportunities of part time jobs to people who look for making extra profit.

Like other UK cities, Nottingham is also struck by the slump economy. Therefore, the competition among part time job seekers to get a footing is fierce. Nonetheless, the city is generous enough to offer you part time job vacancies in various fields of activity.

Some of the sought after part time jobs in Nottingham include:

  • Print room assistant job
  • Charity fundraising job
  • Sales associate job
  • Care assistant job
  • Office assistant job
  • Registered nurse job
  • Accounts assistant job
  • Restaurant staff job
  • Customer service clerk job
  • Driver job

Part Time Jobs for Students in Nottingham

Most of the part time jobs in Nottingham are sought by student community. Students are especially motivated to accept part time jobs because they have various targets to fulfill. Some of them want to work part time to support their family expenses while others want to utilize their savings to buy cars, bikes, apparels or to fund their higher education. Popular student part time jobs in Nottingham include:

  • Sales representatives
  • Sales consultants
  • Receptionist
  • Account manager
  • Accounts assistant
  • Retail assistant
  • Census collector:
  • Catalogue distributor
  • Travel advisor

Part Time Retail Jobs in Nottingham

For all part time employment seekers in Nottingham, retail jobs have especial appeal. The city of Nottingham is home to large number of retail outlets. These retail businesses offer prospective job options during summer vacation and Christmas holiday. A few of the important retail vacancies that are offered in Nottingham are:

  • Charity Fundraising
  • Sales assistant
  • Apple sales demonstrator
  • Area manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Floor manager
  • Store staff
  • Store manager

A search on the internet would lead you towards various other part times job options to choose from in Nottingham.

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  • By C S on January 18, 2011, 1:37 pm C S I am disabled and am looking for part time work from home, I think assembling something like the Aromatic Products would suit me, I am almost 60 years young! I am a church secretary, and, am involved in lots of church activities.
    I need to bring money into the home to make ends meet because of rising costs, like many people I would like to work from home, I am disabled, which means I can't really go out to work, some days I can walk alright, some days I can't do much walking. I hope this comment is understandable! i do tend to 'waffle on ' !!
    looking forward to hearing back from you. Christine. p.s. I live in Nottingham.

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