Birmingham originally shot to fame as a major engineering and manufacturing center. However, large part of the city's economy, today, is shared by service sector. The prominent city of UK is home to two of the Great Britain's leading banks - Lloyds Bank (now popularly known as Lloyds Banking Group) and Midland Bank (now popularly known as HSBC Bank). Apart from them, the city boasts of numerous employment avenues, as well.

Part Time jobs in Birmingham

Birmingham is a hot seat of industries. Significant industries that have mushroomed in the city include retail, manufacturing, tourism, catering, engineering, overseas banking, merchant and creative industries. These industries serve as potential employers and offer plenty of full time and part time jobs in Birmingham.

However, popular employment sectors which make Birmingham a sought after city for job hunters include:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Information technology
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tours and travels
  • Hospitality

Part Time Job Vacancies in Birmingham

Popular part time job vacancies and part time retail jobs in Birmingham that are on offer in large number include:

  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Desk advisor
  • Fitness instructor
  • Trainee personal trainer
  • Payroll controller
  • Community fundraiser manager
  • Fitter
  • Clinical research facilitator
  • Tutor
  • Senior specialist nurse

Jobs for Students in Birmingham

Birmingham's job scenario is enriched with plenty of resources meant for student jobs. Like other UK cities, Birmingham offers large number of part time job vacancies for students. These jobs are in great demand during Xmas and summer seasons when students get ample time to work temporarily and support their expenses.

Some of the sought after job areas that include student jobs, holiday jobs and Xmas jobs are:

  • Resort representative
  • Activity staff
  • Advertising
  • Customer services
  • Market research
  • Sales and retail
  • Social work
  • Clerical
  • Secretarial

If you are looking for part time jobs in Birmingham City Centre, run a search on the internet. You would get numerous job sites that would help you get the position of your choice.

Jobs in Cardiff: Part Time Jobs for Students in Cardiff Area

Cardiff has many credits to its name. Besides being the capital city of Wales, it is the most populated and largest city of the county. The city has emerged as a major commercial seat with lots of business, sporting and cultural organizations.

The city is also known to be a sought after tourist destination with exotic locales and abundant natural environs. These aspects make the city of Cardiff a favorite location for job hunters. Business centers and tourism industry and hospitality industry are major employers in the city.

The business and finance sector is combined with education and health sector and public administration sector. Both of these are known to be the economy-booster of the city.

Part Time Jobs for Students in Cardiff

The city of Cardiff offers great job opportunities to students and young aspirants. Jobs in Cardiff area generally happen in tourism industry, hospitality sector and business and finance sector. Among all of these, the business and finance services offer most of the job vacancies in the city.

Other major employers in the city of Cardiff are retail shops. Retail business in the city has very strong presence. The city is home to shopping complexes and retail parks that are known to offer both full time and part time jobs to students in Cardiff.

Some of the major companies that offer most of the jobs in Cardiff area include:

  • Legal & General
  • Admiral Insurance
  • HBOS, Zurich, ING Direct
  • The AA
  • Principality Building Society
  • British Gas
  • SWALEC Energy and BT

Some of the popular job titles for which job-hunters in the city of Cardiff compete with each other are:

  • Personal injury solicitor
  • Finance assistant
  • Trainee sales and brand manager
  • Event management executive
  • Sales and marketing manager
  • Customer service representative

In presence of all these employers and job opportunities, job aspirants in the city are hardly let down.

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Part Time Jobs in Birmingham, UK: Part Time, Retail Jobs for Students

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