Manchester is an important business center which serves local, regional and international markets. As one of the largest financial centers in Europe it employs several thousand people in banking and finance sectors. It also serves as an important commercial and educational center and ranks as the fourth biggest retail area in the UK by sales. The retail area contains shops from chain stores to high-end boutiques, several shopping malls. So, this part of London offers great part time job opportunities.

Part Time and Temporary Jobs for Students in Manchester

  • Part time employers in the retail sector or in fast food sector prefer students for part time jobs. You know why? Students are more committed and amenable. They are energetic and friendly. So, as a student you can easily get part time job opportunities in marketing, retail and fast food sector.
  • If you specialize in a subject or are pursuing higher education in a particular field jobs of a part time teacher are always open for you.
  • Get in touch with temporary staffing agencies for more such jobs. For greater independence you can also take up private tuitions for a career.
  • Specialization in accounts can help you get bookkeeping jobs.
  • Those who have no specializations or are still in their teens can get small part time jobs like car washes or booth jobs.
  • The part time job vacancies available in the hospitality sector include chef, cook, waiter, hotel management, restaurant management, food retailing jobs etc. Travel agencies mostly recruit part timers as guides.
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  • By R Q on September 9, 2010, 8:31 am R Q Am looking for a part time job in Greater Manchester. I possess good exposure in Banking, finance, supply chain, shipping, real estate, projects and fair deal of HR. Besides the aforesaid I have good soft skills which would adapt me to any type of corporate job.

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Part Time Jobs in Manchester, UK: Part Time, Temporary Student Jobs

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