With the sudden spurt in job seekers and employers, several job agencies have come up in all major cities in India. Some have branches in all the metropolitan cities of the country. Some of them even specialize as temporary staffing agencies.

Temporary Staffing Agency in India And Temp Job Agencies
Temporary job agencies arrange for jobs which one does for a short time. Such jobs provide income while allowing flexibility. Such jobs are ideal for people in between jobs or those who want to meet their immediate expenses while continuing their studies. Seasonal jobs like summer or winter sale, festive sales, exhibition jobs, promotional jobs are all part of temporary jobs.

How do Agencies Choose Candidates for Temporary Jobs?
For temporary jobs you do not need any formal education. Certain skill based temporary jobs demand certificate of knowledge. However, all agencies would want to send candidates who have a pleasant personality and good communication skills.

For a temporary job most agencies screen the candidates they send to the company. For this the candidate has to fill the application form and at times undergo testing that the agency may require. This is followed by an interview. The interview may take place the same day or another day. Once you clear the interview you stand a chance to be sent to the companies. It is a one time process. You will be sent intimation every time there is a new opening. However the parameters of interview and written test vary from one agency to another.

Temporary Employment Resume
Always take care to make yourself relevant to the job by preparing a targeted resume. This can best be done by knowing the employer's needs. While preparing your temporary job resume, take care of the following:

  • Focus on your strengths
  • Talk about your accomplishments
  • Do not lie

Temp Recruitment Agencies/ Personnel Staffing Employment Agencies
Some temporary recruitment agencies in India are:

  • Advanced Human Resources - Karnataka, India, www.indianmanpower.org
  • Indian Recruitment Agency - Mangalore, Karnataka, India, www.indianmanpowerrecruitingagency.com
  • Advanced Galaxy Tourism - Moodbidri, Karnataka, India, wwww.indianmanpower.org
  • Best Manpower Recruiter - Mangalore, Karnataka, India, www.iocs-hrd.com
  • Cucumber Consultants - Sekunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Indian Manpower Recruiter - New Delhi, Delhi, India, www.recruitindian.com
  • International Manpower Resources - IMR - New Delhi, Delhi, India, www.indianmanpower.com
  • JCG ASSOCIATES - Mangalore, Karnataka, India, www.jcgoverseas.com
  • Mascot Busines Solutions - Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, www.mascotbusiness.com
  • Sterling Technical Staffing - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, www.sts.co.in
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Temporary Staffing Agencies in India: Temp Job and Recruitment Agency

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