Leicester has a thriving economy. The most important part of the economy is engineering. There are several large and small engineering establishments spread around the area. As a busy shopping area Leicester has two main shopping centers. This includes Haymarket Centre and High-cross Leicester. The place is also dotted with a number of department stores including House of Fraser, Fenwick, John Lewis, and Debenhams. The market place is the largest outdoor covered marketplace in Europe. The products sold here include fruit and vegetables. You can also get fresh fish and meat in the Indoor Market. The Leicester city council holds cultural festivals every year during the summer.

Part Time Jobs for Students in Leicester
The engineering sector recruits engineers on a part time basis. This feature has become more rampant after the recession. Experienced engineers are hired on project basis. To assist them or meet staff shortage while implementing certain works students pursuing their final course are also taken in.
Students not into engineering can get part time jobs in departmental stores. They can get jobs in the position of salesman, supervisor, cashier etc. Those pursuing a business degree can also get temporary jobs as retail or sales manager. The jobs available in the departmental stores are mostly seasonal basis.

Part Time Cleaning Jobs in Leicester
Cleaning agencies require part time workers in large numbers. This is because this is a field which faces high attrition rates. You can get plenty of part time cleaning jobs in L Leicester. It ranges from carpet cleaning jobs to car cleaning and from lawn cleaning to kitchen cleaning. Most of these jobs are provided by the several cleaning agencies present in Leicester.

Other Part Time Jobs
You can even get plenty of jobs during festive seasons. The market area also offers part time jobs to students. Girls can take up jobs of receptionists in the various firms and organizations of the area. Most of these jobs are evening based jobs. In the evenings one can even give private tuitions. This is another fairly independent part time job for students.

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  • By J G on September 24, 2010, 3:50 pm J G I was working as a Manager HR & Training for a chain of Restaurant , I quit as I wanted to start my own business. I am Looking for any kind of home based job. Awaiting a favorable response and suggestions at the earliest,
  • By E F on January 24, 2011, 2:26 pm E F I am a teenager and I am looking for a part time job .Can you help me to find a good job for me .I don't want to stay away from my home ,so I am looking for an online job that can be done from home .I have been searching for jobs since the last year but all the jobs that I found want me to pay.I am good at data entry ,designing ,and I have worked as a part time tele advisor.I am staying at Leiceter.I have passed the pre degree.Currently I am not working at any place.

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Part Time Jobs in Leicester: Temporary Student Jobs and Cleaning Jobs

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