Bangalore is one of the best cities to start your Medical Transcription jobs. You will get plenty of opportunities to start transcription work both in offices or home based. There are several companies which can provide you with plenty of work.

What Does The Job Involve? This job involves listening to medical records in audio format and documenting the record in word format. The documented record is then sent back to the client.

Requirements to Become a Medical Transcription

For becoming good medical transcription workers you must have a good background in English. You need to have command over the language. Good typing skills are also very important.

How To Do A Good MT Job And Become Transcriptionist, Where to Get Training?

Often we one may tend to get absent minded while doing work or may comprehend the wrong word due to accent problems. To overcome such silly mistakes or slip - ups one must always proofread his work before submission. Go through your work with a hawk's eye and strain your eyes to find out mistakes.

When you read correlate the drugs prescribed. This will help you know if the drugs have been prescribed for the existing conditions of the patient or not. Note normal values carefully as even a misplaced punctuation or a zero can make vast difference.

When you are at work, try to minimize distractions. Have a separate room for yourself with no distractions and disturbances. Do one work at a time. Also do not chat or talk over the phone while doing the work. This is because it may lead to many slip-ups.

If you are unsure always leave blanks. It's better to admit defeat than try to be over smart. If you cannot sort out the blank while proof reading better leave it alone. Clients will understand that you have been honest and sincere. Nobody is 100% perfect always. However too many blanks can cost you future projects.

If you come across inconsistencies that the doctor has inadvertently made, flag them. If the audio quality is poor, do not do the job. Just flag it off.

How to Master This Field and Get to the Top Position?

As medical transcription workers in India are offshore workers. So it is very important to try to know more about the names, institutions, and the local places of the area. It is equally important to know the jargon, slang's, o lingo, used by doctors of that area. If you come across something unfamiliar, use Google to learn more about it. Research a lot, about a doubtful word or term.

Question: Well i am a doctor by profession, but as of now i am into the field of medical transcription. I am a transcriptionist since one and a half year. I am working from home since past six months. I am interested in taking up night jobs. If you have anything appropriate, then please contact me through the above mentioned email address. I am looking forward in taking up the online test.
Thank You.

Your City: Banglore

Your Country: India

By Dr. Sameena Khan on Sun 08-Jun-2008 08:29 PM

Answer: There is no need that I should say you that you know medial terms because you are already a doctor. As already you know those skills then it will be very easy for you to do the work. You can refer newspaper advertisements, websites advertisements, journals and magazines.

You can do as a part time at night from home this medical transcription job. This job involves tape and in audio file. You should have all the accessories for your computer like earphone to hear audio file and you should install software in your computer which will be given by the doctors who gives you the work. Through the software itself they will give you the work to download it. With the help of earphone you type it in the word processor program then upload the file with the same software to them.

For bulk work you can take contract basis with reputed companies who hire and statutory employee and get good remuneration.

Question 2

Question : I am a paramedical staff in a big hospital with 15 + years of work experience, I would like to work from home as a an MT how do I proceed and what are the prospectus.

Your City: Bangalore
Your Country: Karnataka,India

By Murali on Sun 26-Apr-2009 10:59 AM

Answer: Good to know your interest in working as medical transcriptionist, well to tell you frankly if you really want to get real and genuine Medical Transcription jobs in Bangalore, try talking with your family doctor, he definitely will have contacts to other specialists, who really require medical transcription guy who can help them.

You can also ask doctors in your area if they have work like migrating patient health records from paper to computer.

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