ADD (Attention deficit disorder) is a behavioral and psychological symptom. Anyone who matches DSM IV diagnostic standards that involve hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention is known to suffer from this disease. This symptom is also called ADHD (Attention hyperactivity deficit disorder).

People who are diagnosed with ADD do not have sound behavioral attitude. Most often, they are lost in oblivion. Many think that this symptom cannot allow its sufferers to enter into professional field, whatsoever.

People who have the symptom think that they are no more able to pursue their career and professional dreams, as well. They think that the world has come to an end for them. To some extent, it is true that they have no normal mental capacity to work for full time at least five days a week.

What are Good Jobs for People with ADD-ADHD?

People with ADD or AHDD are known to be significantly creative lot. They can demonstrate high level of creativity if they are offered relevant job positions that interest them and help them remain focused. Therefore, people with ADD are known to excel in professional works related to creativity.

There are several job fields that are known to be ideally suited for people with ADD. Let's explore what are good jobs for people with ADD.

  • Retail: Retail jobs mainly require employees to interact with people. Retailing has much to do with showing off. Therefore, this job is best suited for creative people with ADD who may employ various innovative ideas to attract customers.
  • Game design: Game design can be another job field where people with ADD can excel. It is a known fact that game designing career requires high level of creative skills. There are several instances of people with ADD working as a successful game designing professional.

Apart from these, other potential fields that can offer lucrative jobs for people with ADHD include art, writing, inventing and entrepreneurship.

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Jobs for People with ADD: Good Jobs and Careers for People with ADHD

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