If you know French you can do plenty of jobs in UK. Knowledge of both spoken and written French is high in demand in the UK. With the setting up of the European Union the importance of French has gained wide acceptance in Europe in general and London in particular.

Types of Jobs for French Speakers

  • Interpreter: The most important job you can get with knowledge of French is that of an interpreter. As an interpreter you may have to help others understand French or even have to translate documents to facilitate matters for business groups and delegations. Needless to say most interpreters get plum jobs with business organizations based in France or organizations outside France but dealing extensively with France.
  • Freelance Translation Jobs: As an interpreter you also get to work on an independent basis. You can work as a freelancer and do a host of jobs. These jobs include that of translating books, magazines, newspaper columns etc. As a freelance interpreter you also get to work with escorts. English escorts are high in demand in France. Likewise French escorts are much sought after in UK.
  • Tourist Guide: One of the best jobs as a French interpreter is to work as a tourist guide. In this capacity you get jobs with travel agencies and hotels. Your job would be take French tourists around London and explaining the historical significance of all the important landmarks of the city. As a French expert you may also have to undertake excursions and tours with French tourists.

Jobs for French Graduates
Once you acquire knowledge of French you can take up teaching French as a profession. Many institutions are in want of French teachers. As a teacher of French you can find openings in places like:

  • Elementary & Secondary Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Commercial & Government-Operated Schools
  • Overseas Dependents' Schools
  • Peace Corps Locations

Other sectors where French graduates are highly sought after include intelligence & law enforcement, Foreign Service, aid agencies, overseas dependents' schools, radio etc.

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User Comments

  • By C N on January 20, 2011, 2:33 pm C N Hi.I'm a Spaniard national currently living in London.I just moved last November and I'm trying to get a flexible job.I can speak French(native)and English(degree in English + 6 years work experience in U.K. + a diploma in English language from an International School in New York).Also I can read Portuguese and Italian.

    Please do let me know any possible offers.

  • By D D on February 11, 2011, 4:04 pm D D Hi am from Mauritius island and actually studying ACCA Level 2. Am working as accountant since 15 March 2007 in a Mauritian Offshore Company. I have a list of around 120 companies to handle and 3 staff working with me. Its nearly 4 years that am working there and at on 22yrs(will be 23 on 11 July)i have loads of experience in double entry, dealing with client, communication very good in French and English. I wish i could find an online job as accountant in your firm even nite working. If u agree i can call you and send you my CV.

    Thanking you for your attention and awaiting a prompt reply from your end.

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