Opportunities are many for custom paint jobs in San Diego, which is the eighth largest city in USA and second largest in California.

How to become a Car Painter?

  • Being a car painter usually you will receive on-the-job training, but prior to this you have to learn job skills in vocational schools which are usually one-two year's program.
  • Get high school diploma, or certificate or associate degree in custom painting as the employers generally prefer these candidates.
  • During the course time you will learn how to identify colors properly, and apply paints to different types of cars and trucks.
  • Course covers all matters related to painting such as paint application, finishing, refinishing, tinting, detailing, and surface preparation.
  • After getting training you have to work under an experienced professional for several months. In the beginning you have to join the company as a car painting trainee.
  • During this period you need to perform simple tasks such as preparing vehicles for painting.
  • After getting experience you can take some more difficult duties like paint mixing and application.

How to Get a Car, Truck or Motorcycle Custom Paint Jobs?

  • You can also work independently as a painter. For this you may need to get voluntary certificate through the national institute for automotive service excellence.
  • To get this you must pass the painting and refinishing test. To take test you must have a minimum of two years of working experience in car, motorcycle or truck painting. You may also need to get recertified for every five years.
  • Advertise your services in your surrounding area, in public places, in front of paint supply stores, community centers, and in supermarkets.
  • Word-of- mouth advertisement is also an effective way to make contacts. Make business cards mentioning your contact number, and address, and distribute it to your friends, and relatives.
  • Provide quality service at competitive rates, and get success in your business.
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