The prospects of driving jobs in India have never been better. With the boom in the country's economy the living standards of people have gone up like never before. With rising salaries and banks falling over each other to offer vehicle loans, there is a huge increase in the count of vehicle ownership in the country.

With rise in number of vehicles on the streets the chances of getting a driving job has opened up hugely. So much so, it wouldn't be an overstatement to say that driver attrition will soon become a major cause of concern for the well to do middle class.

Types of Driving Jobs

  • Car Drivers: Driving jobs in India mostly comprise driving private cars. The busy life schedule of every one has made it imperative to own a car and keep drivers to help them move around in time. Car drivers gets their salary on a monthly basis. They are entitled for an additional charge for every working hour after the stipulated work hours are over. Perks include an additional salary during the festive season. Nowadays you can get a car driver, through a driving agency.
  • Truck Drivers: Truck drivers are mostly recruited by transportation companies in India. Most truck drivers are certified before they can hit the road. Certification includes going to truck driving school and taking written tests as well. The job involves traveling long distances with heavy goods for delivery or pick up. This job is a bit monotonous but very well for supporting family. A truck driver in India can get salary anything between Rs 10000 to Rs 15000 per month. The longer the trip is the better is the pay. Such is the importance of truck drivers that each transportation company has a hefty roster of qualified drivers at all times.
  • Bus Drivers: Bus drivers are needed to run buses in cities. It may be government job were in you are required to drive government route buses or a private job like driving school buses. Tourist companies also recruit bus drivers to drive tourists to different parts of the city or attractions close to city.
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