BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery) is a medical degree program that is mostly taught in Indian universities. This alternative medical degree program is conferred upon those people who undertake an elaborate study-course consisting of traditional ayurveda and integrated system of contemporary medicine.

BAMS degree program takes duration of five and half years for its completion. This period includes one year of internship program. A person who has successfully pursued BAMS degree from an approved university has the basic ability to run a practice as a qualified BAMS doctor.

Ayurveda has evolved into one of the most significant alternative modes of treatment. Though, it is traditionally considered to be an Indian art of treatment, its reputation has transcended the boundaries of India. Now, people in countries like Canada, USA and UK are being attracted towards Ayurveda in great number.

Jobs for BAMS Doctors in Canada

Outside India, Canada has got immense popularity for being a significant seat of Ayurveda. The country has huge admirers of this alternative mode of treatment. These factors combine to make Canada a feasible country with lots of job opportunities for people who possess BAMS degree.

Some of the career avenues that offer most of the jobs for BAMS doctors in Canada include:

  • Pharma industry
  • Life sciences industry
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Hospital
  • Clinical trials
  • Healthcare community

Apart from these options, jobs for foreign doctors in Canada are also offered in large number at numerous academic institutes located in different provinces of the country.

Jobs for Foreign Doctors in USA

USA has never been short of job opportunities for doctors. The country has strong presence of hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities. These are always in want of qualified and skilled medical professionals. Apart from private jobs, medical doctors in the USA can also get entry into government jobs that are offered by government-run healthcare facilities and hospitals.

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Jobs for BAMS Doctors in Canada: Jobs for Foreign Doctors in USA

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