If you have a flair for writing and want to do freelance work, then there is a plethora of writing jobs available online like technical writing, creative writing, cover letter writing, essay writing, English writing, writing for business, litigation (legal) writings, article writing etc.

If you are a person who does not like to work on a fixed timetable then online writing and editing jobs would suit you the best. Homemakers who need to take care of their family and cannot travel can opt for this. Writing jobs in India have become quite popular.

The main criteria a writer should possess are the zeal to write and the knowledge about the topics they choose. All these jobs are called telecommuting writing jobs where you merely communicate with your employer through the internet and there is no travel.

There are various telecommuting writing jobs available. One would be freelancing (freelance) writing jobs. You can either choose working for an online magazine or a real time magazine like Femina or Women's Era. If you are big computer freak, you can contribute articles to any computer magazines. People who have interest towards travel and tourism can choose to write for such magazines. People would have made records of where they have traveled and the best things about going around the world. Such article contributions make an interesting reading piece for the readers. Also a lot of sports columns invites freelance writers to contribute news pieces. Health care and medical articles are the next buzz in the freelance writing arena. Here is an option for those science graduates who are not able to work in an industry or organization; you can provide your valuable service through science writing jobs.

When you go online and check a website, you see a lot of content in it. They are written by content writers who develop quality content that helps the user to navigate. Such content writing jobs are available online too. You could be one among the content writers who develop content for any of those top rated websites.

The magazines that we read online are called ezine or an e-magazine. There are numerous ezine writing jobs available too. It works just like the article contribution for a print magazine. All you have to do is decide on your area of interest, decide the right magazine, and start writing articles. Work will be allocated on assignment basis.

There are various creative home writing jobs available. All you need is to go online and browse through various organizations that provide this service. These organizations do not have to be situated in the city that you live. If you live in Mumbai, there is no restriction that you have to take up a writing assignment in the same place. You have an option of working for a company in Delhi or Haryana or even USA. For beginners there are a lot of entry level writing jobs that are available. This could vary from a mere data entry to article contribution. Once you become an expert in writing you could also choose to opt for copy writing jobs. There are plenty of websites like Freelance work exchange or getafreelancer.com that would help you with the companies that require such services.

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  • By vikaskumar malihan on November 5, 2009, 1:40 am This typeing job is great and I want to join this job without investment, can you please tell me whether it is possible or not, how to get typist jobs at home? I was doing typewriter job at local DTP shop, so I have good experience...
  • By Poulomi Mukherjee on November 14, 2009, 11:42 am I am an engineering student of final year.

    my skills and abilities comprises of ultimate original write-ups. I am what I am cuz god made me the way it takes to be me. I can write ultimate fresh articles that gives nature and world a new era of vision.

    Currently i am a freelance writer who writes travel articles and give a new look to the destinations.

    I am looking for a work that will send me to places to capture them in my writing.

    Thus in short I am looking for a travel writer job that will send me to places.

    I stay at Delhi,NCR.
  • By Anant Ramchandra Godse on February 11, 2010, 3:30 am My name is Anant Ramchandra Godse. I am a science graduate and an MBA with Financial management as a specialization. I like to read books in fiction, travel, biographies, science. etc. I write regularly on the topic that I read. I also like public speaking. I have participated in many of the competitions during my school and college days. Now-a-days I am in search of a job. I am looking for a work which is related to my area of education financial management and my area of interests. I stay in Amravati. Let me aware about the work that is done on this site.
  • By Ashish Kumar Mourya on February 23, 2010, 2:03 am Hello, I am a student with 2 years of content writing experience. I have completed my BBA(finance) from Pune university. I am looking out for a content writing job relating to any topic. Currently I am staying in Jamshedpur.
  • By keshav on July 27, 2010, 12:17 am keshav My name is Keshav Naik. I completed B.E.(ISE) in 2008. I have one and half year experience on ERP,SQL/PLSQL,ORACLE. in HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED,BANGALORE. But I am working there on contract bases ,so I want one good job in MNC IT company..
  • By p.kaur on January 7, 2011, 8:15 am I am a teacher. I have always been keen on writing on the issues that relate to the lives of common people. As I am from among the masses I can use my skill to bring the general view ,the impact the issue is having on the people.
  • By Kenneth Maxwell Bell on April 7, 2011, 1:48 pm A man who has been retired from his regular job because of existing rules, but actively assisting his wife, who runs a school for the mentally- and physically-challenged, in office management and liaison with the trust's lawyers and auditors, the asst. charity commissioner and the income tax department.

    Abilities : Library Management, Office Management, Secretarial Practice, Copywriting (Advertising), English Language Copy Editing and Proofreading.

    Final B.Ph. and Dip. Copywriting

    In a school in Surat, State of Gujarat

    Proofreading and/or English Language Copy Editing

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