When we come to think of websites, they are actually composed of series of articles. One type of article or another must be used in order to be successful online. Many webmasters do not compose their own articles. This means that other people with writing potential have to provide the content, thereby they (webmasters / web owners) are providing opportunity to work from home and by doing article writing jobs.

Many web site articles are not long, and once someone masters how to write them, he/she will take less than an hour composing each. In other words, such a person can write several articles a day, working just a few hours. What is more, one does not have to write a series of articles at a stretch without taking a break.

There are several ways one can apply to do article writing jobs online. For example, if he/she already has a web site, he/she undoubtedly needs visitors to it. One of the easiest ways of driving traffic to a web site is populating it with articles. The articles should be keyword specific and relevant to the content of the web site. It is therefore good to invest & spend your sometime to learn how to write search engine optimized articles. The more of such articles a web site has, the higher the chances of its being picked up by search engines and be accessible to surfers.

In addition to writing articles for a personal web site, one should also submit articles to such fora as blogs. There are some companies that need writers who focus on a particular topic who they give exposure all over the Internet. Therefore, if someone submits blogs with links to his/her own website, the search engines will pick up the site more readily. Along with writing on blogs, you can submit articles to e-zines, here too, there are both "free" and "charged" submissions, giving you the chance of making yourself popular, either directly or by increasing the traffic of your website.

Content Writing Jobs are best jobs which which you can do from your home with just a computer and internet connection.

Question from Users

Question : Hello! I came across your details on the net and would like to express my keen interest to work with you. I am a business consultant /media consultant by proffession and would like to know more about your compnay. kindly call me on 932***** or send me your contact details alongwith details.

Sanjana S

By Sanjana Shetty on Mon 13-Mar-2006 10:47 AM

Answer: let me end up my today's job of replying to all your questions here, hello Sanjana. I can not direct my response by explaining about that site, I am very sorry for this. I am not allowed to respond to such specific questions in specific manner.

I better suggest you go for the site to read all its details, ask and check with your closed relatives or friends if somebody has been benefited from the site or not. Learn and understand how they operate, how they work, what are there tools and so on. As much information you seek from the site to understand about it will help you much to determine or decide on it.

So many people are running after this site, did you checked what other sites are offering as all the traffics are now days with this site. Check you will find something interesting. You can find all suitable jobs out there relevant to your work area and area of interest. If you allow sometimes for your self to learn more you will surely get right information since your self is a consultant! Good luck, sanjana!

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  • By shubhranshu on August 25, 2009, 3:08 am I have 9 yrs of Experience in SEO and SEM, I am Content writer, Blog/Article writer, Abstract writer and Translator, I am looking for the right and genuine opportunities, Contact me at shubhranshuji@yahoo.com or 9719 07 07 77
  • By NIKKY MUKHERJEE on September 1, 2009, 7:42 pm I have a flair for writing . . . My interests are writing poems, slogans, articles on any subject, do let me know if you can help me with a freelancing online jobs of ghost writing, copywriting or content writing, I’ll be happy to do it..
  • By Cherish on January 24, 2010, 8:50 pm Hello, I have completed B Tech and I need a job at home. I am staying in Trivandrum. I have good typing skills. So that I can complete any work given to me on time. Kindly send me any type of jobs through my email ID. I hope that you will take my request.
    Waiting for an early reply
    Thank you.
  • By Pounami Rana on February 15, 2010, 12:06 pm Hello, I am a self-employed freelance writer. I am an MBA in finance, I am currently working for a Canadian Site. I am looking for a Freelance article writing work. I stay in India. I am really looking for a long term opportunity from an association like you since I love writing creative and unique articles on various topics. You can always contact me on : swatidas402@gmail.com
  • By TAHER on February 17, 2010, 7:11 am Hello, I am a student pursing my bca(bachelor of computer applications). I have good command over English, I am passionate to do work. I am undergraduate completed my 12th in Bhavans college Andheri, Mumbai(science stream). I am looking for content writing job. I can do good content writing over any topic. Please Help.
  • By Sonali Roy on March 11, 2010, 12:11 am Hi, I am Sonali from Panagarh from West Bengal, India. I am fresher, M.A. in English, awaiting for result in M.B.A. (I.R.M.), having basic knowledge in computer. I am eager to work as a content writer. Originality is my committment!
  • By Aparajit on March 12, 2010, 1:31 am Hi, This is Aparajit Banik, a post graduate student studying MSc Computer Science. While i was browsing through the net, I just came over online content writing opportunity along with studies or other employment. I find it to be a real good concept and heartily appreciate.I am looking forward to work as an online content writer.

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