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Cochin is growing into a major hub for IT and ITES companies. This city is ranked as the second-most favored city in India for IT-based services. Many people are flocking to this city for the numerous IT related jobs it has to offer. Content writing is one such job offered by web development companies in the city.

What exactly a person needs to do in the freelance writing jobs?
A website represents a company in the online market. As all potential customers see and get an idea about the company by looking and reading the website, it is important to have relevant and convincing information. . This is what the role of a content writer is. He must write or rewrite facts in such a manner that every reader finds a site informative and useful. The task of creating the first impression lies with the content writer. Other tasks assigned to a content writer include writing press releases, blogs, e- mail newsletters.

When you are involved with the job of web content writing you are supposed to churn out optimized content that is both search engine friendly and surfer friendly. You will have to write a well researched informational online copy or edit and rewrite an existing copy. Your content must be easy to read and follow. Other content related job includes writing press releases, e-mail newsletters, articles etc.

Write How Go About Online Writing Jobs?
You can do this job well if you know how to write simple and persuasive English. You also need to be precise and clear with your objectives. In order to make your write ups search engine friendly it is important to make your article keyword rich. This will help your article to rank high in search engine results.

What Knowledge / Skills You Require for Freelance Copywriting Jobs
To be a good content writer you need to know how to write good English. Good English means English which is simple and grammatically correct. It is also important to present matters in a nutshell. If you try to make it unnecessarily lengthy, readers may lose interest in it. Keeping the readers attention riveted throughout is an important challenge.

As a content writer you must know how to introduce information in a variety of ways. A company may have its own required language style. If you have good command over the language, you can adapt easily to all kinds of style.

As you have to present information online, it is important to have good typing skills. The faster you type the more efficient you can be in completing a task assigned to you.

How Much Time It Requires a Day?
Web writing as such isn't a demanding task. If you are good at typing you won't take much time to type the information. Looking for the relevant information can take some time. With sufficient exposure you can hone your skills perfectly to finish a task in less than an hour.

What Is the Scope of Content writing Jobs in Cochin?
An IT Special Economic Zone is coming up in Kochi. Many companies are expected to set shop here. This is why the prospects of content writing in Cochin is very bright

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  • By gowthaman@yahoo.co.in on March 5, 2010, 12:44 am Hello Sir, Presently, I am working with dzcreatives as a content developer. My job involves writing and editing news contents and articles on politics, sports and entertainment. I have got two years experience in editing and writing jobs and I would like to join an institution which provides a dynamic work environment where I can contribute significantly and hone my skills further.
  • By Venkatesh on June 16, 2010, 6:33 am Hello, please let me know about online jobs. My wife is desperately looking for job opportunities online and I can also assist her on this aspect. Let me know the details of such job opportunities. I am sure that I can do good on such online jobs. kindly give us the details of such jobs. Thankyou
  • By K V on October 28, 2010, 3:30 pm K V Hello, I served pharma industry(QC manager)in India.now acompanying spouse abroad for 2yrs.After Nigeria & Kenya presently staying at vanuatu,a beautiful south pacific country,paradise for adventurous traveler.want to share my enchanting traveling experience from Masaimara's wildlife to mt.yasoor-one of the best active volcano & many more.interested to write in traveling magazine & lifestyle magazine (as home organizer & indoor gardener).opportunity would be appreciated. thanks
  • By DJ on January 7, 2011, 4:07 pm DJ Dear Sir,
    I am Mrinalinee from Kochi. I want to do home based job.I did my M.Sc in biochemistry subject and now pursuing MBA. I also have PG diploma in scientific and technical writing. i want to do writing job or internet job related to my qualification. Pleasr send me details about how could I start this.
    thank you.
    Mrinalinee Thakre

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