Bangalore is called the Silicon Valley of India. This is because the city has a large number of Information Technology companies located here. People from other parts of the country migrate to the city to work in these companies. Needless to say a large populace of the working population work in IT companies.

Web development companies can be found in plenty here. These companies provide openings for web related jobs. This primarily includes content writers and web designers jobs.

What exactly a person need to do in the Freelance Writing Jobs?
Web content means writing content for websites. In other words this means providing relevant information for all that the website stands for. The content written aims to highlight your product and services to the world. So it has to be of exceptional quality so that it can meet its purpose of capturing the attention of visitors. As the demand for web content is on the rise, the demand for the services of web content writers is also growing side by side.

How to go about the job content writing Jobs?
An important aspect of website content writing is correct usage of keywords. This helps in search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is all about producing articles rich in keywords and key phrases. The keywords and phrases need to be incorporated deftly into the article without compromising on the quality of writing. Having done this, a content writer plays his part in generating traffic to the site.

Usually keywords are provided by the website owners. However writers can use the keyword analysis tool to know find out strong keywords relevant to the site and content.

What Knowledge or Skills you Require to get Online Writing Jobs in Bangalore?
A content writer needs to have exceptional command over written English. He should know how to present information in a manner which would rivet the attention of readers. As a writer, it is important to know how to compose whatever is needed by the client. Adaptability, availability, research skills, resourcefulness, and writing skills are just amongst the various skills you need to have if you want to excel as a web content writer. Other prerequisites include creative bent of mind, ability to work hard, usually with no time constraints and excellent computer skills.

How much time Content writing Jobs requires?
In the beginning, it may take some time for you to present information attractively. However once you get used to the thick and flow of writing, you will find the going easy. Words and sentences will flow out of your thoughts in a natural and effortless way. A lot of time may be consumed in searching for information in the net. But once you learn how to surf and sift quickly this too becomes effortless.

Scope in Bangalore
As Bangalore is the silicon valley of India you can find plenty of web development and SEO companies in the city. As content writing is an integral part of web development, these companies hire content writers every now and then. If you are experienced you have a high chance of making it to these companies. Many companies even entertain fresher. Nowadays companies in Bangalore have started delegating work to writers on a freelance basis.

Copywriting Jobs in Ludhiana

IT is an upcoming sector in Ludhiana (Punjab). More and more IT companies are expected to come up here soon. Companies providing content writing jobs are also expected to multiply soon.

What exactly a person needs to do in the job
A web content writer must provide content to websites on the internet. The content provided has to be effective on two counts. Firstly it must not fail to create an impression. Secondly it has to be well balanced. It is only when both these objectives are met that a write up can be successful.

Create an Impression
A writer can create an impression only when he presents information about his products in a short, honest and readable way. Readers can see through if you try to oversell.

Well Balanced
The word well balanced means a writer cannot afford to ignore the search engine aspect of web writing. In an effort to make it search engine friendly one should not ignore the reader. So a write up must strike a balance between a reader friendly and search engine friendly copy.

How Go for Freelance Copywriting Jobs
Content writers are provided with topics to write upon. So the first task of a writer is to go through the net to ferret out information. All important information along with essential documents and data, should be accumulated. This must be followed by a thorough study of the facts and stats. It is important to find out what is relevant and what needs to be ignored.

When you begin to write you must keep in mind the ways to include highly relevant optimal keywords. Again this should be done so delicately or else you may spam the content with keywords at the cost of information. Having achieved this, a writer can rest assured of search engine ranking, and at the same time reach out to the target visitors.

What Knowledge / Skills you require to get freelance writing jobs
The primary requisite of a writer is to be able to write quality English. The English has to be grammatically sound. Another very important requirement is willingness to carry out exhaustive research. An effective web writer must have an eye for details. However details doesn't mean including all that he comes across in the internet in his write up. The writer must be capable of judging relevance and know how to weed out unimportant information.

A content writer must also know how to present information in different styles. And to be quick he must have good typing skills as well.

How much time should you devote in content writing jobs?
As a new comer one may face hurdles like being slow in surfing the net and making the write up search engine and reader friendly. But with sufficient exposure you can learn how to have a proper approach. Once you have it in your finger tips researching, writing and editing can be done in good speed.

What is the scope of online writing jobs in Ludhiana?
The government of Punjab has grandiose plans to make Ludhiana an important IT destination. It has come out with certain strategies to attract investors in the IT sector. Plenty of SEO and web development companies which offer content writing jobs are opening offices in the city shortly.

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  • By Vidya Sankanna on February 13, 2010, 7:13 am I am medical graduate (BHMS) from Pune University, Bharati Vidyapeeths Homoeopathic Medical college , & also studied MBA ( Healthcare service ) as distance education learning from Sikkim Manipal university. I reside in Bangalore since 6 years . I write articles on topics related to health & healthcare industry to ezine . I am interested in freelance home-based article writing job. Thank You.
  • By AAINA on March 6, 2010, 12:19 am Dear Sir, I am a good content writer. I can write articles on any given topic. My English is also very powerful. Can you guide me how to find free lancing content writing jobs? and What is the procedure for that?
  • By AARTI KULKARNI on April 6, 2010, 1:53 am Hello Mam/Sir, I am very much interested into the jobs of Content Writing. I have very good communication skills and also writing skills and am very confident about them. I'm currently working at a company in hyderabad but since I am very confident about my writing skills I would want to do part time jobs in this field. It will be very kind of you if you will inform me about it regarding if there is a chance of me getting a online part time job.
  • By Mona singh on April 21, 2010, 12:22 am I am very much interested into the jobs of Content Writing. I have very good communication skills and also writing skills and am very confident about them. I'm currently working in Ludhiana as a IELTS faculty. I am very confident about my writing skills I would want to do part time jobs in this field. It will be very kind of you if you will inform me about it regarding if there is a chance of me getting a online part time job.
  • By Yasmine Yousuf on June 7, 2010, 10:23 am I am a yoga teacher by profession. Have an incomplete degree in Bcom. Though my language is my forte and do have excellent communicative skills and considered to be articulate.I am interested in writing for articles based on beauty,health,yoga and current affairs.Thanks
  • By Anusha Chellappa on June 28, 2010, 4:55 am I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (from ICFAI Universtity) by qualification.I have a couple of years' experience working in a prominent private sector bank. I have worked in the capacity of researcher and assistant editor on a GK book for bank exams. I have also contributed articles for a newsletter pertaining to an international exhibition of the heavy equipment industry. I am interested in writing/ and editing jobs from home - content/technical writing or anything else along that line. Request assistance in finding work as specified.

    Thanks and Regards

  • By Devayani Khare on September 2, 2010, 7:03 am I am a student, just completed my M.A in Geomorphology. With a Background in Sustainable development of natural resources and nature conservation and Ornithology, as also with a flai for writing, I would like to contribute to a wide range of topics. I am currently looking for a job from Pune, and a relocation to Bangalore is contingent on my getting a job. I also have a blogspot, at the insistence of all those who have read my write-ups and felt I need to publish them online. Do let me know if there is anything available in the domain of travel and Geographical or environmental contribution.
  • By LALITKUMAR TONGBRAM on September 9, 2010, 3:05 pm Dear Sir,I am Diploma certified in International Airlines and Travelling Management from I.A.A.,Chennai and presently doing online serveys.I am staying in Bangalore for five years.I am intersted home base content writing jobs.I have the ability to write any topics in good English which is given to me.Thanks you Sir.
  • By ASHRAF on October 17, 2010, 1:08 am I am working in a private company. I did my Diploma in ECE having 6 years Exp. I am good in English and Technical too. I am looking for a part time job which I able to do from my home like content writing or any others.
  • By sunetra on February 18, 2011, 10:29 am HI...i just wanted to know if there is any scope for an undergraduate(still pursuing)like me in freelance writing particularly content writing....i am in my first year for college pursuing BBM from Bangalore...I am a novice in this content writing business yet hoping for something fruitful!!!

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