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Nagpur is the orange city of India. Located close to Mumbai the city is well known for its oranges. As the third largest city in Maharashtra, the government has elaborate plans to expand the IT sector here. In an effort to woo business houses the government, is offering sops to set up base here. Nagpur is soon expected to become another big IT hub in the state.

With the growth in IT, content writing jobs in Nagpur is expected to flourish.

What does a person have to do in this freelance copywriting jobs?
An establishment can flourish if only it has quality content. And quality content is always compelling. The job of a content writer is to write persuasive and impressive content for websites. With his services a web writer can improve online business marketing to a large extent. The following are the benefits provided by a content writer:

  • Building a professional image
  • Providing the required information to target audience
  • Increase the flow of web traffic to your site
  • Expose the business to a wider market
  • Influencing readers to become customers

How to go about writing jobs in Nagpur?

  • Once you are given a topic along with the key words you can proceed in the following ways to write web content.
  • Search for information about the topic on net. You will get a whole lot of them. Go through relevant ones.
  • Scoop the salient features and note it down on a note pad.
  • After jotting all information, compare it with the given set of key words and plan how to introduce them in the content.
  • Start writing the Meta tags keeping search engine in mind.
  • Start writing the content with the help of the salient features you have noted
  • Write it in a style which is simple yet eloquent. Deftly introduce the keywords
  • After you finish writing, proof read it for mistakes

Required skills in Writers:
From the above section, you can get a fair idea of the skills you require to excel in this field. You must have a style of writing which is simple and which effectively gets the message across to the reader.

You need to be quick to search information in the net. At the same time you need to pick the important points related to a given topic fast.

Error free typing is an important skill. If you can type effortlessly you can always complete your work soon and get more time to revise.

How much time freelance writing jobs require a Day?
It hardly takes an hour to research and write a high quality article. This is possible only if you mastered the skills completely.

What Is the Scope for copywriters In Nagpur?
Nagpur is just a few hours away from Mumbai and Pune. IT in Mumbai and Pune has reached a saturation level. The industry is now trying to expand into two tier cities of the state. Nagpur is a prominent destination among them. So the prospects of outsourced jobs are high in the state. The government is providing incentives for IT companies to come up here. So prospects of content writing are bright in Nagpur

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User Comments

  • By L E on October 4, 2010, 4:18 pm L E I am a private working man, I have sufficient speed in typing in MS-Word and Excel. I have completed my graduation from Nagpur. Presently I am working in private concern since 7 years full time. I would like simple typing job with Internet i.e. compiling hand written book content in computer as a soft copy for further edit/making proof. I am staying in Nagpur and have sufficient time to do these jobs without hurdle.
  • By TP on October 5, 2010, 4:29 pm TP Dear SIr,
    I am a engineering student from Nagpur and I am preparing for CAT and want to write articles and stories as it will help me in my exams preparation. I will be very grateful if you give me an opportunity for writing.
    Thank you
  • By Gayatri Gadre on January 11, 2011, 9:10 am Hi, I am presently working as a content writer in a company located in Pune. I have to go back to my home place, Akola due to some personal reason. I have done M.A.in English from Pune University. I am looking for a home-based writing job. Kindly keep me updating with the similar kind of jobs.
    Thank you.
  • By Lavanya Ravishankar on February 5, 2011, 4:45 am I am a housewife,working as a part time teacher in a coaching class.I teach Science and English for classes 8,9 and 10(Physics).Writing is my hobby. At present I am working on a short story.I also read a lot of books.I am a BSc Physics graduate with Maths and Statistics as my subsidiary subjects,also an trained Nursery teacher.I am looking for topic oriented,opinion based on some article,film reviews or film critic,cookery,fashion related,educational writing.I feel its never too late to begin.I stay in Shewalkar Gardens,Gopal Nagar.Mate Chowk.Nagpur.

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