Jodhpur (Jodhpoor) is an important city in the state of Rajasthan. Apart from Jaipur, the government is trying hard to woo investors in the IT sector to this city as well. Content writing jobs in Jodhpur provides a great career options to those willing to come into IT field.

What exactly a person needs to do in the job?
As a content writer your primary task is to write useful content. Useful content is one which focuses on a central theme. Such content serves the purpose of the reader completely. For instance if you have to do a write up on entertainment, remember people look to read funny conversations or gossip. If you are not having this your objective is not met. When you do a write up for education, write something informative and interesting on a given topic. Information content must inform readers on an issue or product or services. The list can be endless. Each write up should be useful for a reader in a different way. Once you are honest to the central theme, you do justice to the reader and website.

Write How Go About It?
It is imperative for an amateur content writer to read more number of good websites. This will give the aspirant inkling on what style to adapt. Extensive research will help you comprehend the art of content writing.

An important part of web writing is using key words. It can well be called the nucleus of online content writing. When you write an article the needs of SEO's must always are kept in mind along with that of the reader. As both have different needs each should be attended to properly. This makes the task a bit delicate.


Skills required for Freelance Copywriting Jobs:
Style - Style accounts a lot in content writing. With the help of your writing you can make a reader stop scanning and go intently through the writings. So every single sentence must carry the style.

Clarity - With clarity of writing you cater to a wide range of readers. Not everyone who visits the site is equally proficient in English. And who ever comes to your site would want to understand.

Brevity - In the fast moving world of the internet, people have less time to spare. When you keep your points brief people take care to read it. This helps you convey the message.

The Human Element - The write up needs to address the concern or the query of the reader in his perspective. This lends a human value to the content.


What Knowledge / Skills You Require to Get Freelance Writing Jobs
The required skills for a web writer are listed below:

  • Command over the English language
  • Passion for writing in a style which is internet friendly
  • Ability to cater to a wide section of the readers
  • Good editor and proof reader
  • Excellent research skills.
  • Knowledge of how to insert keywords in write ups, write Meta tag descriptions, web page titles etc.
  • Good typing skills.


How Much Time It Requires a Day?
To finish articles soon enough you must have sufficient exposure to web article writing. Once you learn the art, you can complete an article in no time.

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  • By Divya Sharma on December 15, 2009, 10:32 am Hi i am Divya. I am a student of 11th grade, willing to work as a freelancer and looking for content writing jobs in Jodhpur. I aim to be a professional writer. I love to research on various topics over internet and I am very hardworking. I live in jodhpur. Please dont go by my age, its a request. I just need a chance to proove myself. I promise, i wont let you down. Thankyou.

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