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New Delhi / Delhi is the capital of India. There is large skilled English-speaking workforce in the country. This has lead to the expansion of the service sector to a large extent. The most prominent sector which has grown by leaps and bounds is the IT industry. Along with many other IT job openings, content writing jobs in New Delhi is available in plenty.

What does a person have to do in this job?
In this job a writer is asked to write compelling and convincing content for readers. The task can be quite challenging. With your writing you, must ensure that readers come back again and again to get updated information about a product or service. Your writing must be such that a reader is moved to give your sites link to his known ones. Thus your site also gets famous by spread of mouth.

What makes the challenge tough for web writers is that readers don't read the content minutely. They have a cursory glance through the page, to find out stand-out words and sentences. So apart from making your content compelling you also need to make it scan able. Your writing must be such that it helps readers save time. This makes it reader friendly and encourages them to stop scanning and go through it more intently.

Needless to say when readers go through your site seriously they must find the information valuable. So the job of a writer also involves providing meaningful and useful information.

In a nut shell a writer must write web content that is easy to find, and is relevant to what the searcher seeks to know.

How to Write Good Web Content:
There are few unique ways to present your research in a very reader friendly way on the internet. They are enlisted below:

Use proper keywords: Since that you have worked hard on your keywords; you must make them prominent for search engine and reader. This can be done by making it bold or writing it on a different font.

Clear titles: The title of topics needs to be straight. Search engine spiders are not familiar with puns or cliches which you think can attract a reader instantly.
Both content and style needs to be short and sweet. Don't write articles stuffed with ideas. Good to focus only on one idea in a paragraph.

Avoid using sales language. A reader can always sniff a idea which attempts to promote. Do not exaggerate. Instead keep it down to earth.

How much time does it require?
The guidelines for quality web content writing needs to be followed strictly. These essential aspects cannot be mastered within a short time. To sharpen your skills you need to devote some time, read a lot, practice the web writing style, and always visit the site as a reader to find out how reader friendly it is. With little efforts you can attune yourself to web writing requirements.

Scope in Delhi:
Few other cities in the country offer better growth opportunities for content writing aspirants. This is because both big and small IT companies prefer Delhi the most.

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  • By Vasudha on June 16, 2010, 6:32 am Hi! I have been in the HR field and am a qualified HR professional. Have taken a long break from work for family priorities, but have been doing HR and Investment Consultancy off and on. Would like to get back to work now as family responsibilities are on the wane. Writing being my forte, I would like to get into content writing. Being a quick learner I can get productive soon. I would prefer a part-time job initially. Am keen to take on work asap. I stay in Delhi.
  • By T. K. Mitra on February 6, 2011, 2:15 pm I am a freelance writer of children text books (NCERT). I have long experience of over twenty years of teaching English (Specially English Grammar). I am attached with some reputed publishers and have a good number of books published to my credit.
    Since I am interested to ensure my online presence, I shall be interested to take up content writing jobs.

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