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Hyderabad is well known for its IT and IT-enabled services. The city is famous for its software firms, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms, call centers, web technology development companies and knowledge process outsourcing firms in India. A vast array of companies has set up several campuses here. So job opportunities here are unlimited. Like other jobs, content writing jobs have huge openings in the city.

What exactly a person needs to do in the Feelance Writing job
The primary job of a web content writer is to write an online copy on a topic provided to him. The quality of writing must be such that the target audience gets convinced and thereby driven towards the ultimate objective. The writing must be done keeping search engine in mind. Unless it is search engine friendly your article may not find a rank in search results. Thus the content writer has a very important role to play in promoting a website.

How to go about it Content Writing Jobs?
The key to a good copy lies in writing crisp, concise and sales oriented copy. To achieve this one has to write in a language which the common man can comprehend. The language has to be simple. The writer must be careful enough to keep sentences short. Even the paragraphs shouldn’t be long. Web readers tend to skip long windy sentences, paragraphs which are unnecessarily long, and writings which are too flowery. A content writer must deftly include keywords in his writings. This has to be done to make it search engine friendly.

What Knowledge and skills are needed for Copywriting Jobs?
It is essential for a web writer to know the basics of the internet. He has to surf through the net to gather sufficient information in a short time. This must be followed by arranging and presenting the information in the correct order and format.

A content writer needs to know how to write in various styles. Every company has a style unique to it. A writer must quickly adapt himself to the required style.

Every writer must have sound knowledge of English grammar. A grammatical mistake in web writing is unacceptable. A good typing skill is also necessary to succeed as a writer.

How Much Time It Requires a Day?
The job of web writing involves proper research, collecting facts, and presenting them in a particular style. Doing research and collecting facts may take some time, as it requires careful studying. Once you become experienced in the art of writing, writing for websites is not that time consuming. For an experienced web surfer and writer writing an article of 500 words would take less than an hour.

What Is The Scope of Content Writing in Hyderabad?
Hyderabad is the most important hi tech city in this country. Plenty of web developing companies already operate here and many new companies are also coming up. These companies present endless opportunities for content writing.

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  • By Megha on February 25, 2010, 6:02 am Hello Sir, I am a chartered accountant by qualification and would like to do some part time job which will add value to the organization and also my career. Please let me know how do I go forward with this?
  • By Sridhar K Penna on March 1, 2010, 6:10 am Hello, I am a journalist and features writer with 20 years experience in the profession. With a PG Diploma in Journalism, I am presently with the English desk of the Hyderabad-based HY TV.
    Gifted with exceptional command over English language, I am seeking freelance writing opportunities. A resident of Hyderabad, I can generate content that ranks alongside the best in the industry. I honor deadlines with meticulous diligence.

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