Nasik is a major city in Maharashtra. With Mumbai and Pune, bursting at the seams with IT companies. The government is keen to develop this city into another major IT destination. Once IT comes up, content writing jobs in Nasik are likely to increase manifold.

What does a person have to do in this content writing job?
Web writing is a specialized form of writing for the internet. As visitors who are invited to your site need more information, the job of a content writer is to provide this information in the required measure, style and format.

However the information provided on the net has to be in a style which should be fairly independent of your own style of writing. The write up of a content writer needs to have a universal appeal. This means all types of visitors, irrespective of their knowledge of the English language should understand the content with absolute ease.

Making the content attractive and search engine friendly is also a part of the web writer's task.


How to go about and get freelance copywriting jobs:
Writing online content has to be quite unique and requires sufficient knowledge of how to do write ups which can be easily read and put to good use. Factors with the help of which you can sharpen your content writing skills in a perfect way are listed below:

  • Unlike the print, web page content can be made to look attractive by keeping the word count small.
  • While writing web page content it is always better to use shorter words, shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs.
  • Content written for the web is preferred in the inverted pyramid style. In this pattern the most important part of the information is written at the top of the piece.
  • An essential aspect of web writing is catch lines, clarity of thought and meaningful sentences.

All the above mentioned points should be borne in mind by a content writer to hook the attention of a web reader. This is a very challenging task as web readers are used to scanning pages and prefer not to spend for more than 3 seconds at a site.


Skills needed to be a good writer:
All web writers must have good command over English, good typing skills and internet surfing ability. He must know the art of using keywords deftly in his write up so that it becomes Search Engine friendly.

A content writer must always have a flexible style of writing. Different companies have different requirements in terms of style. So with a repository of styles he can be open to all kinds of writing for the web.


Scope of Writing Jobs in Nasik city:
The state government is trying to promote Nasik, as an important destination for IT industries in Maharashtra. This is more so because Mumbai and Pune, the two major IT destinations of the state are on the brink of saturation. The government is laying more stress on the existing infrastructure. Once this comes up the city is expected to witness an IT boom. With a boom in IT, content writing jobs is expected to grow at a fast rate.

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  • By Jitendra V Gosavi on June 8, 2011, 5:27 am Hello, I am interested in doing this job. I am from Nashik send all details about this job how to apply how to work etc.

    i am an employee working as a asstt. accountant, i have good speed (Eng 60 W.P.M.).

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