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Question : Hi there, I have 2years of experience in content writing, I want to work as as a freelancer, can you please tell me how I get article writing and translating job in Vododara. Is it possible?

Your City: Vododara (Baroda)
Your Country: India

By somenath chatterjee on Fri 06-Jun-2008 06:00 AM

Answer: You can get a lot of article writing work as well as translating job from various educational institutions as well as their journals which may be scholastic or not but covering various subjects and topics. If you undertake such article writing you can also specialize in your field which is the chosen profession for you, to ensure suitable honorarium growth for you. You can also write various articles to newspaper editions so that you can get a thunder of applause from the general public which in turn act as an inducement for taking up articles in various publications by showing the article profiles which will act as a justification for you to get selected for writing articles in widely acclaimed journals which may be a scholastic nature or not.

You can also develop contacts by emails and websites, these are useful way of communication for getting responses from all over the world, people will request you to write articles for them. You should also join the content writing course for professional learning and framing of various passages in the articles which you write, and also to be abreast with various subject matters for framing up a variety of articles to keep yourself fully occupied enriched article writing work.

Only a word of caution is that you should get empanelment with various institutions for providing article writing and translating jobs to them along with a select group of article writers.

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