Freelance jobs in India are the most demanded these days. If you have a passion for writing, be it sports, science, medical, travel, tourism or computers then you can start working from home. There are umpteen numbers of freelance jobs that are available online.

Freelances are good ways for outsourcing your work. There are a lot of organizations that hire freelances to work for them. Jobs for freelancer are available in big corporate companies, e-zines, websites, company's in-house brochures or newsletters and many more.

If you enjoy working at your convenience of time then freelance job is the best option for you to work and also make good use of your time. Freelancers have the flexibility to work at the schedule they want to. There is no intervention from their employer before they complete the work. There are a lot of options that freelancers can choose according to his personal preference. Here are a few highly demanded freelance employment jobs:

  1. Freelance Writing Jobs
  2. Freelance Writer Jobs
  3. Freelance Copywriting Jobs
  4. Freelance Artist Jobs
  5. Freelance Employmen
  6. Freelance Design Jobs
  7. Freelance Editing Jobs
  8. Freelance Graphic Design Jobs
  9. Freelance Photographer Jobs
  10. Freelance Illustrator Jobs

You can do freelance jobs by writing articles. If you have ever visited bid sites where people bid for projects and services, you would know exactly how a free lance job portal would look like. This is one form of advertising work online and the freelance writers can bid on a project and win it.

Freelance programmers, developers, web designers also make fun working online at home. There are plenty of freelance design jobs where a designer concentrates working on designs that his employer would want. Designers can work on various assignments like designing webpage templates, advertisements, and cartoons for children, pamphlets and brochure design for companies etc.

If you have the zeal to work then freelance jobs are really entertaining and interesting. Bidding websites like, have a lot of employers who post their jobs and invite people to bid on their projects. The right person for the job is selected through various kinds like an interview or samples or telephonic conversation or emails etc. Once all this gets cleared then the project is ready to kick off. Both the employer and employee sign an agreement that the project is hold confidential and is copy written once submitted to the employer.

Options are many for educated people in India. One can become a Search Engine Optimization consultant. SEO consultants control the traffic to a website. The freelance worker is also responsible for marketing the website. You can also opt for online editing jobs where you have to edit online material or write technical information called the technical writing. They are suited for highly educated women who need to take care of family yet cannot spend 8 hours of office hours. The articles sometimes demand you to write more than just editing them.

With web content writing, you will be get good benefits for the job. You have to highlight the keywords in your writing that are used in search engines. Writers opt to copy write for a lot of websites or do website optimization. E-zine writing is also one of the best options. A lot of e-zine companies recruit freelance workers.

A sound knowledge in English is the major requirement for a freelance job. Other than that it is the ability of the writer to choose the right assignment according to his or her choice. There are various organizations that hire freelance workers throughout the year.

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  • By Manas Saikia on November 2, 2009, 6:59 am I am a graduate in science(B.Sc.). Currently i am doing my M.A. in Journalism and Mass Comm from MIT-ISBJ, Pune. I am looking for online writing and editing jobs. Please send me some more information regarding these freelance jobs.

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