Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Major industries and companies have their head offices located here. IT is no exception to this. To promote IT the government has also offered major sops.

With the growth in IT, content writing jobs in Mumbai have also come up in plenty.

What is freelance content writing or copywriting?
Well, copywriting for a website involves providing information to a reader in an interesting way. As this is a highly competitive field of advertising, attracting a visitor's attention can be quite a task. This can only be achieved with a unique set of moves. With a reader unwilling to spare more than three seconds of average time the task of riveting his attention can become quite challenging. This means your content has to create the right impression in just three fleeting seconds.

The objective of good content is to catch the attention of the reader, tap his interest, generate desire, and goad him to order or sign up.

There is always a demand for good content writers because with the help of persuasive words good content brings continuous revenues for online businesses.

How to go about online writing jobs?
When you write content remember, brevity, simplicity and useful information are the soul to it. The sites that top search engine rankings have a few things common to them. These include:

  • Very well written, interesting and unique content
  • Links that lead the visitor to other parts of the site. Links help spiders to pick up your content.
  • The content provided has to be updated regularly

To learn how to write this type of content you can visit various other sites on the internet. From a readers point of view try to find out which type of language and presentation format appeals to you the most. Treat the writing as a benchmark. Emulate it and you can soon master the style perfect for web writing.

Always reread what you have written. This will help you improve on your presentation skills and weed out some common errors.

Required skills for online content writing jobs:
Good command over English language is the primary necessity to become a good content writer. Your writing has to be simple and short and off course error free.

As you have to pad your writing with a lot of relevant information you need to be internet savvy. You also need to comprehend content on the internet fast.

For fast writing you must also have very good typing skill. This will help you complete your work quick and help you have more time to revise.

How Much Time It Requires a Day?

If you can search and type fast, writing content for the web can take a short time to complete.

Question: Dear Sir/Madam,
I wish to submit my candidature towards the aforesaid post and enclose herewith a copy of my resume for your perusal and favorable consideration. I have more than 14 years of work experience (the details are mentioned in the resume). I've a official English Typing Speed of 30 wpm but unofficially my typing speed is more than 40 wpm. If given an opportunity would serve to the best of my ability. I've a computer at Home, and I am seeking for partime article content writing or some typing / wrting jobs in Mumbai?

I hope to meet your requirements and hope for your favourable reply.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours faithfully,
Deepak Rane

By Deepak Rane on Fri 18-Apr-2008 12:50 PM

Answer: hi Deepak, thanks for your post. I am confused now as when I have started to offer jobs!! I do not have any answer. I am only responsible in giving guidance to people, attending their queries. You can contact to any of the firms in the field of BPO, that are working as outsourcing partner for some foreign based companies, you may also go for medical transcription service and even you can go for data processing & entry works, only if you think you are not creative.

I can understand from your message here that you have a good typing speed, it is good. But it will be great to know your accuracy level as well. If you think your typing speed is your only strength or you want to work online only on typing speed, then straightly go for data entry works. You may acomplish much more work than doing some article writing. You can find these data entry jobs from the BPO or data entry firms around in your area or search the web for some suitable jobs.

Truly speaking it makes me happy to find so many people interested to do some extra works at their spare time. Being more productive is part of human religion, I find you all great here!

What Is the Scope of freelance writers in Mumbai?
Mumbai offers the best opportunity for a content writer to grow. There are innumerable companies which offer great career opportunities in this field. In fact the bulk of India's top content writing companies are situated in Mumbai. With many more companies coming up, you can always search for greener pastures here.

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  • By K.J. Mohata on May 14, 2010, 4:06 pm I am a working person. I am an Engineer (Electronics & Telecommunications). I am a Postgraduate.I have good content writing skills. I am working with a software company. Apart from marketing, I am also involved in editing/developing content for our software products.
    I am looking for work in content development/editing etc. I feel I can also work on Instruction Manuals, Edit/write essays/articles/News Letters etc. I stay in Mumbai.(Borivali(w).
    Kindly revert.

    K.J. Mohata
  • By Girish Kannan Chettiyar on August 10, 2010, 6:38 am I am working as a Web Content Writer and have more than 1 year experience working in the field. I have excellent command over written and verbal English skills and have been developing content for American websites and blogs for the past 1 year. I am very much well-versed with the content writing and SEO articles. I would like to work as a free lance content writer/ editor. Revert back if you have any free lance writing project. I can create fresh and original web content without any difficulty.
  • By reena manaf on August 31, 2010, 9:56 am I am computer instructor also have time at home to work.I am very punctual and try to finish things before the 11th hour.I am a Bsc zoology graduate and had taken Post graduate diploma in computer applications. I am looking for work in content development or editing etc. I feel I can also work on Instruction Manuals, Edit/write essays/articles/News Letters etc.
  • By CHETAN VYAS on March 30, 2011, 7:13 am I am a retired person. I am a double post graduate from Mumbai University. I am a Master in Commerce as well as a Master in laws. I completed my schooling in St. Mary's, ISC. I have edited and published a number of books and articles in magazines and news papers as well as written a book for computer students. I have a very good command over english language. I am also computer literate.

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