Question: HI,
I nedd more info regarding "Data entry type of work" ,like how would i get this work ? whome should I contact to get the work ?
How would I will be rewarded ?etc

I tried your Click Here! link of this artical but it is throwing an error message

'Kindly do the need full.


Your City: Navi mumbai
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By Sadanand On Mon 26-May-2008 10:41 AM

Answer: Getting a data entry work is not abstruse at all. It has become very easy to find the job that would meet your skill level and would fit into your schedule. If you want to find a data entry job then just use a popular search engine to search for websites that provide such jobs, there are A LOT of them. Through these websites you will be able to get in touch with people who are seeking service providers or people who would perform the job. You make a bid on the project, saying how long it would take you to get this job done and how much you would charge for your work. Moreover, you can send the job owner a sample of your work to have him assured that you will be apt to comply with his/her needs and expectations.

The path is not very smooth at the beginning, however, it is not abstruse, you just have to be aware that some of your bids might be rejected at the beginning. However, once you catch a job do it as best as you can so that the service buyer would be content and in that case he/she would be willing to hire you for another task or for a long-term job. The service buyer can also recommend you to other people which would help augment your chances to win bids and the profit you would make.

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  • By Ritesh Koli on August 22, 2011, 9:50 pm I am undergraduate graphic designer. I have worked for 5 years for 2 different companies and at present I am not working. At present I am updating myself for future growth and presently looking for data entry job for survival.
    Please give me the details for data entry job in my email.

    Thanks & Regards

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