Question: R/Sir,
I really like ur site & want the real information regarding ONLINE /OFFLINE DATA ENTRY WORK at home. Almost every co. taking Registration fee & giving impossible targets. IF the work is geniune & they really wants some one to do it, why they charging for it ?? I shall be highly obliged if u plz guide me & tell me some Geniune data entry sites, if available that works in india & really geniune ???? Thanks

By Gowin Singh on Wed 30-Apr-2008 06:34 AM

No worries! Don't come to a wrong conclusion that all the websites are demanding a huge deal of jobs to give your data entry venture. Some advertisers handle the unethical method of giving you jobs, by creating a false exposure to the people.

Most of the people rely on the false exposure and caught in some scams and waste their time and efforts. There are quite many online websites that will grant good of data entry works without any investments. Most of the freelance workers will rely on several websites that will grant quite good data entry works. Basically, they follow some mandatory procedures to make your successful venture in data entry works.

In this online websites, you will have to bid on the data entry works that are being posted by several different providers. Once if your profile has been dearly impressed by the buyer, then he will stick with your workout. Once when you accept to work with the client you will be notified by an email that gives the contact info of the client. This is a good and systematic process, which asks for some fee charges for the bid you won!

Question: Hi, I am loking for online/offline jobs but most of the sites asks for registratin fees. Can you please tell me some genuine sites or if I can register free.

By Chanchal on Sun 11-May-2008 09:36 PM

Answer: Of corse during your looking for online and offline jobs, you will find these jobs many times associated with some fees and these fees some times exceed hundred dollars. These fees stand as an obstacle between people and the jobs they want to fill. Every one is looking to find a easy job, they say that I am going to work so why the employer need me to pay fees before I start working. The truth about that is in most of the times, the fees does not go to to the employer but to the site which is matchmaking between you and the job.

Obviously these sites deserve to get registration fees for their services. The fees differ from site to another because some sites collect fees to let you access the data base of jobs then it is up to you to choose which job. Some other sites collect their fees to put you directly in a job along with giving you the traning needed for this job. The last kind of these sites are the sites which work with freelancers and these sites takes no registration fees for basic member ship but they collect a commission on every job you take.

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  • By sarath on December 16, 2009, 6:38 am I'm really interested in work at home projects with OR without investment. But I'm fully confused when I was searching for a genuine work. Can u pls tell me which websites r genuine. kindly clear my confusion Thanks & Regards
  • By Anil Patel on January 3, 2010, 8:33 am Dear Sir,
    I am Anil Patel. I have PC and internet connection at home. I have 3years experience of data entry work. I am interested in doing some data entry kind of work from home. Please send me the name some genuine and scam free websites that provide data entry work from home.

    Anil Patel
  • By sujata on April 6, 2010, 5:05 am I am working woman stay at Mumbai and I have finished and currently working in a BPO and my position is CSR. I have good knowledge of MS office, MS- Word, Excel and power point.and I am looking for part time data entry job offline or online.
  • By amrita on July 24, 2010, 10:16 am Hi, my name is Amrita, I am a student of MBA .but I am interested in typing or copy paste data entry job in home. I am not working. I am staying in Panvel. If u have that type of job then please send me details on my e-mail id .
  • By M. S. Ansari on September 23, 2010, 12:07 pm I am graduate , working in call center. looking for some online work with out any investment.
    I did not understand, why the people are asking For investment in this work, even when they pay after work?
    Can you provide me a details of your online work.Is you are paying weekly or there is some target?

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