Internet has penetrated into the everyday lives and has become an integral part of our lives. With the advent of technology and internet, lots of people are working virtually from home and are doing full time jobs. One such time saving easily available jobs are the online data entry jobs that do not require special knowledge or education. These free data entry jobs available online does not require sophisticated equipments or special skills to do the job. As a free lance person interested in data entry, one can find work related to upgrading database information, preparing lists of contacts, administrative jobs like writing letters, memos, catalogs creation jobs to name a few.

With the rise in internet access and the growing daily need and demand, working from home data entry jobs have become popular in India. With cheaper wages and more skilled labor India looks more cost effective for countries to outsource their online jobs. Even though these internet data entry works are time consuming, it can at least be a source of par-time work, mainly for women. Women who are housewives and have good communication skill find it to be helpful and get to spend time usefully, work during their free time from their homes.

India has a sudden spurt of online data entry jobs and business. People can search online to find such online data entry jobs. But before signing up into any such online data entry companies one should be very careful and beware of scandals. Due to sudden entry of small and not well known companies into the market there is always a factor of risk involved and also given that most of the job is done online wherein one doesn't even meet his employer. So one has to make sure and learn if it is a legitimate data entry jobs and the company is well established. Some of the currently data entry jobs in India are Online Data Entry Jobs, Online Catalogue Data Entry, Online Form Processing & Submission, Data entry operator jobs, Data Entry from paper/books with high accuracy and speed , Online Data Capture / Collection , Data entry from Image file in any format , Online Data Entry for Mailing List / Mailing Label.

The search for such online data entry jobs are done through online and through word of mouth. After searching for the job, you can get yourself registered with the company and you will be provided with personal login workspace. The online jobs are outsourced mainly for India's time difference, high skilled cheap labor and good quality work.

All assignments are given online through direct email. Online data entry jobs mainly focus on the speed and the accuracy in which data is entered into their database. As previously mentioned, companies are more concerned with accuracy & quality of the completed work. Within 24hrs daily one has to complete a minimum of any number of Assignments & Maximum one can complete 50/100 Assignments.

You can take your time to complete your project and whatever assignments that were completed will be sent for further checking. Given the necessary skill and patience one can really do work from home by online data entry jobs. The only key point people are to be aware of is the authenticity of the job. Make sure it is a legitimate job and read the disclaimer before signing up.

Question from User

Question: Respected sir, i am from Malkapur,(Maharashtra). i worked with 1/2 data conversion companies from home....but i did not get salary,,can you tell me 3 true authentic,reliable websites so that i can work as home based data entry opearator. i did not find even single .... so please tell me otherwise ,i think all advertises on internet are all scams so why should they advertise.

By mangesh p joshi on Sun 08-Jun-2008 10:08 PM

Answer: No, not all are scams I am telling you from my personal experience. Do not look for advertisements that are provocative. Get some references worked out and noted from world renounced PC related magazines. Or before you start to work for any site, read the mechanism of that site strictly first.

Read it again as long you do not understand them completely. See how your rights are protected, what is the mechanism and tools developed by the site, what other peoples are saying about the site and so on. Those companies offering data entry or conversions jobs for you are really outsourcing the work that they been outsourced to.

They will keep their profit share from your hardwork. Why to keep some other parties in this process.

Seek for an authenticate site, make direct contact with the buyers and do what you want to do. The site at best can deduct some nominal fees from your work, not more than that. Some times we need to understand the white spaces between the lines. So think differently. It is thousands of people from India are doing good in their online jobs, why not you? Try, you will get the right site and be connected with customers directly to sell your service.

Question: If I Join A Data Entry Job From Home What Will My Salary And How Should I Go For It. And What Are The Benefits Of Online Jobs. Can Anybody Help Me In This Regard As I Wanted To Start Data Entry Jobs From Home?

By Yesumary on Tue 20-May-2008 01:44 PM

Answer: Data entry jobs are the most facile online jobs that you can start to pursue. Data entry jobs are far from demanding and do not require much qualifications and skills. If you search online you will find a galore of such jobs. You can choose the one that you feel would be comfortable working on and apply for it.

Individual data entry tasks are not that good, however, given that data entry jobs do not take much time, you would do many tasks everyday and so the work will add up and you will accumulate a good income. However, you should not feel disappointed when you start with nominal fees when you first start your data entry jobs. When you have more experience, be more reputable and prove your commitment to your work your rate will augment.

To find data entry jobs you ought to Google 'data entry jobs' or 'freelancing jobs'. Surely, you will find a plethora of website that offers you huge databases of jobs that you can browse and apply for. An online job is quite tempting because you can always work wearing only your boxers and sitting on your house's comfy sofa. Hence, go for it…How? Well, it has never been easier to find jobs. The online world abounds with websites that comprise big databases of jobs and projects. When you get the opportunity of starting your home-based business cling to it and work diligently to deliver the best and most punctual work.

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  • By tengun haripal on April 12, 2010, 12:54 am Dear Sir, I am Tengun from Sambalpur, Orissa. Now I have completed my graduation and I want to do some job related to computer. I would love to do data entry work from home to support and help my family. I want to build my career too in this field.
  • By Ankit on January 16, 2011, 11:01 am Hello, I am planning to start my own business.i am a I need home business with minimum investment.please give me some ideas which business i can do with less capital. I am well qualified person.
  • By Ashish Kumar Jain on July 4, 2011, 9:37 pm Hi ,I am , working in Gurgaon , and I need some kind of data entry part time work , to improve upon my Monthly Income . I am good at typing with good knowledge of ms office . Kindly give me some data entry job .

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