Who is an art director?

An art director is a person who, first, generates creatives, develops ideas. The second area of ​​his activity is to coordinate the work of other employees: designers, copywriters, illustrators. The art director knows how to mentor and train, and, of course, sees the vector of the concept - and follows it exactly, understanding at what stage the team is now and what step will be next.

When composing an art director resume, you need to know what qualities to indicate, as well as the main responsibilities and tasks that you performed at the previous place of work:

  • formation of the concept, metaphor and style of future projects;
  • support and development of the metaphor, if we are talking
  • about art direction outside of design studios;
  • communication with the client, presentation of the finished project;
  • creative team management, training and mentoring. And sometimes motivation, because creative people are the most volatile in terms of emotions.

What you need to know to become an art director

If you focus on the general list of responsibilities, you might think that in addition to eloquence and management skills, an art director, in general, does not need any skills. In fact, this is far from the case.

Hard skills (software and technical skills) must be pumped 200%. This is from the series ""wake up at night - will render in Photoshop and tell you which key you forgot to press."" The more software you know at a good level, the more diverse you can make the techniques in the project and flexible - the conditions for its implementation. Of course, it is important to know and understand the theory of design - it is obvious that you need to master all the terminology - from the ""golden ratio"" to ""leading"".

Soft skills (personal qualities) are also useful in different ways: from standard ones, such as sociability and stress resistance, to specific ones, such as learning ability and the ability to transfer your experience to colleagues. It is also important to be able to take a leadership position, correctly formulate your opinion, work in an organized manner and comply with any time frame.

The main skill that determines the ability to serve as an art director is creativity and inventiveness. These skills are the hardest to develop. But if you constantly deepen your vision of the world around you, learn new things and know how to come from a standard solution to an extraordinary problem, indicate this in the art director resume - and you will succeed.

Assessing my developmental experience, I can say that these skills are really hard to learn. This is not something that can be ""nailed"" or squeezed out of ready-made solutions by slightly modifying them. True creativity is the ability to live and think in design while constantly expanding your horizons.

How to get a job?

An art director is a rather necessary profession. The marketing and entertainment industries are constantly evolving, offering more jobs for creative and responsible people. Many vacancies can be found on online resources specialized in job placement. An art director candidate can send their art director resume to several possible employers. Then there is a chance to receive an invitation for a personal interview.

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What does an art director do and how to become one

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