Uss express & Remote Job: Reliable and Trustful Reviews

Some people prefer to work from home, while others, on the contrary, avoid this opportunity. Remote work has become a salvation for many employees during the pandemic. Not every professional working from home has the same benefits or challenges. In this article, we will tell you about Uss Express and what vacancies it offers to its employees in the delivery and shipping industry.

Uss Express description: Pros, Salary & Logistic vacancies

Uss Express is an international service that provides logistics services for individuals, as well as companies from the e-commerce industry. With it, shopping on American sites becomes simple and affordable for everyone! Using the services of this company, customers can buy goods from the United States without difficulty.

  1. The company regularly provides work from home to find employees in Nebraska, Maryland, Virginia, Central Oregon, Springfield, and other regions.
  2. The average employee's salary is over $ 1,300 for a part-time job and over $ 3,000 for a full-time job. 
  3. You can create your work schedule, consider holidays and night shifts, so that the schedule is as convenient as possible. 
  4. Also, employees may not have experience with distribution, shipping, and consolidation. The company provides training for their employees.

Uss Express: Available Job

Uss Express offers the following vacancies for remote work:

  • Warehouse distribution specialist job - picking and packing jobs (work from home). The vacancy provides for receiving parcels from major Internet aggregators/platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Apple. Next, the employee must check the status of the package, reset the report to his manager and enter the data into the table. After that, transfer the cargo to the courier for further sending parcels to the company's clients.
  • Logistic specialist - a courier for the selection of goods from home warehouses, prepares customs documents for further delivery to customers around the world through DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT.

Uss Express: Salary Comparison

We compared salary in Uss Express in relation to other companies with similar vacancies (Amazon, Walmart, eBay), and also show how the percentage of demand for remote employees has grown over the last year in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Company Part-time salary
Uss-Express ≈$1,500
Amazon ≈$1,350
eBay ≈$1,200
Walmart ≈$1,325
Whirlpool ≈$1,250

Study this comparison table to learn briefly about the increase in percentage of demand for remote employees

Country Percentage 2019 year Percentage 2021 year
USA 44% 62%
Canada 37% 56%
Europe 42% 59%

Warehouse specialist: How to Become an Employee

To become an employee of the company, you need to fill out a resume and go through an interview with a manager. The broker should be reliable, honest, strive for self-development, understand what customer service is. After you are accepted, you undergo training and receive certification that you can work with delivery and shipping.

Employee Testimonials & Final Verdict

As a logistics or warehouse distribution specialist, you will be an essential part of the Uss-Express client's core operations. Performing and coordinating different customer services functions, your task would be to work satisfying of both the company and customer. Uss Express job reviews show that people who once came to work in this company made the right choice. 

We found reviews on many reliable resources, one of which is For example, the following: "Hello. The company is good. I really liked the work in this company, the salary was always paid on time. The company is good, it was pleasant and comfortable to work in it "- Robert. This review proves once again that cooperation with the Uss-Express company remotely has only advantages. It is reliable company and propose good salary as a part time employer. 

We found many positive reviews on For example, Debra L. from San Francisco, CA writes: "It takes long to get a response sometimes but in total fine. I get packages every day and it took me some time to arrange the process not to make mistakes and ship on time. Not difficult at all. ". This once again confirms that it is easy to work in the company, and the management creates all conditions for the comfort of employees.

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