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Question: Q1. how can i get work at home?

Q2. i have been looking on net frm last 4months but i didnt get any suitable work. how shud i get sarted?

Q3. mi suppose to pay any amount to get started?

Your City: kalyan (Navi Mumbai)
Your Country: india

By Sobiya on Thu 29-May-2008 05:38 PM

Answer: It is very easy to get work done and finished at home and have a profit too. There are a lot of websites that you might use and search for in the search engines. You may write key words such as internet home based work or online jobs or other references. Based on what you are interested in you choose the project or bid on it. It might be translating, proofreading; writing.

It might also be web-designing, Photoshop work and other things. All what a person might be interested in is found. It is available for everyone. Even it has good effect on the person. He becomes more committed, responsible and having the feeling of labor but not the kind of tiring labor. Of course by time you shall find the work that suits you as I told you previously all kinds of work are available. But if there aren't any suitable online jobs you might what you are interested in, in search engines and then job related to your interests might be found. I believe it is not hard nowadays to find an online joy you are interested in. You can always find everything just with a little more effort in search and the use of a variety of key words in your search. No worries, getting started with an online project does not require any hard work or efforts that you might be thinking.

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