Question: hi, I am nidhi and want to start home based work in Delhi. I am serious about this work but I don’t have any type card. Well I am looking for free jobs where I don’t have to pay any registration charges or whatever, Please contact as soon as.

By nidhi on Thu 22-May-2008 12:37 PM

Answer: I applaud your earnestness and interest in starting an online job. Having a home-based career or home based work and being your own boss is something very precious. Transformational changes have engulfed the business world. A lot of the business aspects became virtual. As a result, online jobs and outsourcing have been running rampant recently. To start working online you would not need to have any kind of card because free freelancing websites actually abound on the internet. Moreover, when you work and accomplish a project, your fees would be transferred to your account and afterwards, whenever you want debit card you can open a bank account with any nationalized bank, they give debit card to all of their account holders in Delhi.

So if you are serious about starting work now you ought to start searching for freelancing websites through popular search engines. Certainly you will find a plethora of them. On such websites you will find different categories of jobs that would go in accord with your qualifications. So if you have expertise in IT or in web design or even in medical transcriptions then you will find legions of jobs that you can apply for instantly.

However, if you do not really possess a lot of qualifications, you can always resort to data entry jobs. Data entry jobs or home based work are far from intricate and do not require any special skills. In data entry jobs you just fill some forms and spreadsheets with information that you are given. So you should start searching for a suitable website and browse the huge database of jobs and do not worry because it is all FREE!

Question: want to relly work using internet pls.suggest how to do it

By sanjay singh soam on Tue 22-Apr-2008 02:33 PM

Answer: hello sanjay, good thought man. Yes you can work online using internet daily! Just do some writing jobs or data entry jobs or web designing jobs and so on relevant and included in the west outsourced service markets. You can work much as you wish.

You simply need to identify an authenticate site for all the jobs, spend more and more time initially on the web and with your favorite search engines to find and select the most authenticate site that offers these jobs and services - that sets direct link between you and your buyer, that allows you to market your self, that has some protective mechanism to keep and maintain the interest of both the service buyer and service provider.

Check for reference with someone doing these home based works in your network. You will surely find the right answer. I am not allowed to promote any site here so I am unable to respond specific about any sites, but I know great numbers of sites are there and they are authentic. So just spend more time on the web and with your search engine to select the right one. These jobs are easy to find, you will shine soon if your products or outputs are unique and commitment matters to you.

Question: Equiary about online work, I want to do part time business and i think online work is best option for business.but i am little bit worry about it becoz is really i work? and if it work then what is my payment garuntee? and how do i start it. tell me.

By Sachin on Wed 14-May-2008 05:28 PM

Answer: Dear Sachin,
In fact you came to the right decision. Online work is the best option for some one with your circumstances. You are working a regular job and you do not want to ditch it but you need another job with suitable working ours for you and still pays you well, a job wher you can determine when to work and for how long.

It seems very hard to get such a job in the real world because you will be wasting much time in transportation in addition to being away from your home for a long time.

But the online jobs will make you able to do that and will provide you with a new experiences that can be useful for you even for your current job. I can understand your concerns about the payment and whether it really works or not. I can tell you that it really work f you follow what I am going to say, find a reputable web site that have a nice positive feed back from the previous users and join it straight away then you will find yourself gaining income. What really guarantees your payment is the feed back of the buyer himself.

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  • By Isha Bawa on November 6, 2009, 11:37 pm I am housewife and earlier i was working as a software engineer (Testing) now i got married and due to some reasons i cannot go for outside job. I have done B.Tech (EC) and i am having 3 yrs exp in Software Testing. preferably like to go for software testing, preparing excel sheets, data entry etc. i am staying in West Delhi (Janakpuri)
  • By AMIT KUMAR on November 10, 2009, 10:49 pm Hi, I am Amit resident of delhi looking for a data entry home based job. I have seen a lots of ads on the internet regarding the home based data entry jobs but all are demanding some registration formalities which does not suites to me. registration is not the problem. The only problem is work surety nobody is giving that. Please help me to find out such kind of job. Thanks
  • By Jatinder on May 19, 2010, 12:29 am I am housewife. I had already worked with good firms as a senior asst. of computer. i am very friendly with computer. My typing speed is good. I am garduated and Diploma in computer science form NIIT. I am looking for part time computer related like data entry typing job from home. I am staying Delhi.
  • By Y B on September 7, 2010, 1:31 pm Y B Hello, I am Simy. I am house wife. I am a graduate. I have good typewriting speed. So I wish to do home based data entry work. I stay at Delhi. Please give me details to get a work as soon as possible. I am waiting for your response.
    Simy vimal

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