Question : I am based out of Bangalore and looking at Worling from home

By Debasree Roy on Tue 18-Mar-2008 10:09 AM

Answer: Dear Debasree,
It is not important where you are based to work from home, what is important is just to have a connection to the inter net and a will to work dependently without supervision from anyone. Because you are your own boss, you are the only one who decides when and how long you will work. There are many jobs that you can do as a home based employer , you can be hired by an agency which is in need for someone to do a data entry job or even to be a virtual assistant for them. Home based jobs can be part time or full time jobs.

Depending on the time you are willing to spare and on the kind of the job. You can also find a job to do through many well known sites on the internet. These sites provide many services for home based employers, for example: posting your resume so the people in search for a home based employee can find you easily, they can also update you with every new job posted on the site and meets your qualifications or your field of experience


Jacksonville is the largest and popular city of Florida in United States. It is a busy city with several commercial establishments, government offices and institutions. It also an important tourist centers in the country. You can put all this to use by starting a service oriented, product based or computer related work from home job in this city.

Some Work from Home Jobs in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Sales Jobs: You can stock goods in your home and sell them to retailers. You can manufacture the items at home or procure them from manufacturers.
  • Private Tuitions: If you are proficient in a particular subject you can start teaching students. As an able teacher you can find many students. Tuitions are regarded as a hassle free work from home job.
  • Medical Transcription Work From Home: In today computer age, computer related work from home jobs can give you plenty of opportunities. All you have to do is browse the internet for such jobs. You can get online medical transcription work from the internet.
  • Data Entry Work: As typists you can pick up assignments and do work from home like online or offline data entry. There are several organizations and institutions which delegate work to home based typists. You can also do type related jobs online and keep yourself engaged.

Where to look for Home Based jobs?
For a work from home job in Jacksonville, you can approach offices which delegate work to home based workers. One such office is the departments which issue driving licenses or trade licenses. You can take orders of typing out the names and addresses of candidates seeking license. If you contemplate to start a work from businesses there are many which you can start doing in Jacksonville.You can go through classified ads of newspapers to know more about the home based jobs offered. The internet is a treasure house for finding online home based jobs.

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  • By Akshay on July 7, 2010, 3:45 am Akshay Hello sir, I am Akshay. I am a student doing my BE in Bangalore. I am interested in doing a handwritten data entry job without any investment. Please send me the information about the job that I am looking for.
    thank you

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