Cochin (Kochi) is the second most important city in Kerala. Over the years the city has developed into a very important commercial hub of south India. With increased opportunities and better infrastructure many companies and businesses have come up here. You can get plenty of work from home jobs in Cochin.

Types of Work from Home Jobs
The most hassle free work from home jobs in the city is online computer jobs. The options available are endless. Some such options are:

Work At Home Typing Jobs: Typing jobs are available in plenty on the internet. In an effort to preserve old books libraries delegate the task to private typing companies.

These typing companies provide jobs to many people. Photos of the books are sent to the home based employees who see and type the contents into MSWord document. All you have to do is become a member of the typing company.

Home Data Entry Jobs: Data entry jobs from home are effortless and secure jobs. The job entails entering data given to you in an ordered manner. You will have to enter the raw data provided to you by using the software of the company you are working for. You will be equipped with all the necessary information and even the software by the company.

Publisher Programs
There are many publisher programs that would like to put their ads on your site like Google AdSense. You can get yourself signed up with reputed programs like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network. If you have a website with heavy traffic this is a very good alternative.

Online Form Filling Jobs in the Internet
This job entails filling online forms in the internet; all you have to do is fill registration forms on the internet according to the instructions. These are as easy as creating an Email account in hotmail, yahoo, or rediff. Two advantages with this job are that there is no need for any extra qualification and there are no strict rules about the work. You can work at your suitable timings.

Google AdSense:
This is a legitimate online job offered by Google. It involves no selling. It involves creating free websites very nice and original 15-20 articles about any topic and start putting Google ads. This is a genuine online job. You just need to learn and in order get associated with Google.

If you are not familiar with the computer you can always do other small work from home businesses. Some such businesses which can help you get established in the city are:

  • Catering services
  • Tuitions
  • Stores specializing in items like jewellery, clothes etc.
  • Laundry services

Scope of Work from Home Jobs in Cochin: Cochin offers excellent prospects for your work from home business to grow and flourish. This is because of the several government initiatives and development programs undertaken to enhance the commercial prospects in the city.

Typing Jobs from Home in Cochin

This port city of Kerala, the southern most state of India is famous as an industrial city. IT and tourism sector is also prominent industry here. These entire sectors require typists to get a lot of their work done. So, typing jobs in Cochin can provide you with a respectable means of livelihood.

What Exactly a Person Needs To Do In Internet Typing Jobs
Online typing jobs are very popular in the city. With the advent of the internet data can be sent across in seconds. This has proved to be a boon for both the employers as well as employees. Employers have the option of selecting their employees over the web. And employees can carry out official duties from the comfort of their homes. So, most typing jobs involve doing official jobs like filling forms or collecting data etc.

How Go About and Get Freelance Typing Jobs
For home based typing jobs you need to surf the net. You will come across many companies looking for good and experienced typists. You can send a mail and convince them about your ability to do the work. They may give you small assignments. If you submit it with 100% accuracy, the companies will begin to rely on you

What Knowledge / Skills You Require For Part Time Typing Jobs
You must be good at typing. By good one means both accurate and fast. In order to do typing fast it is always good to hone your skills in touch typing. Typing by seeing induces a habit which is difficult-to-reverse. It also slows down speed and proficiency. Various studies have shown that two-finger typists, can attain speeds of 27wpm when copying and about 37 wpm for memorized text.

When you master touch typing technique you can reach a speed level of up to about 50 to 70 wpm. With greater exposure you can even acquire 80 to 95 wpm. It is important to develop the right motor responses by picking up touch typing. The sooner it is the better.

How Much Time Should You Devote In Doing Online Typing Jobs?
If you do not know touch typing you will take a bit longer to complete a job. If you are well versed with it, you will not take much time to finish a task.

Advantages Of Free Home Based Typing Jobs:
Home based typing jobs are becoming very popular for a number of reasons. Some are listed below:

  1. Very less investment is required.
  2. Travel related worry or workplace competition is ruled out.
  3. You can take care of your home and children while you do work. Thus it is most ideal for housewives
  4. This is one of the few jobs which can be availed on a part-time basis. So you can work in your spare time. So you can enjoy a full time job as well as a part time job.
  5. The disabled and elderly who find it hard to venture out of their homes can employ themselves at home and can use the time optimally.

What Is The Scope In Cochin?
Typing jobs will never dry up in this industrial city. All companies have requirements for typists.

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  • By Rani Santhosh on May 24, 2010, 1:47 am I am a working man and I have the basic knowledge of ms word, excel and 50 words/minute speed on computer. I am graduate working in a manufacturing company. I am looking a job of data typing job at home, I am living in Cochin.
    Thanks and Regards
  • By LAKSHMY.S. on June 2, 2010, 6:38 am Sir, I am a housewife residing in the suburbs of kochi, and I have a basic knowledge in computer, internet with a typing speed of 40w.p.m. I am interested in the jobs like home typing jobs and home data entry jobs. Pls let me know the details.
    Thank you
  • By ManjuJoseph on July 28, 2010, 2:25 am Hello Sir, I have gone through your website.I am a front office staff with basic internet and typing knowledge. Please provide me a good online form filling job or Data Entry Job with zero investment in my email.

    Thanking you,
  • By Indu Santhosh on December 29, 2010, 5:52 am Dear Sir,

    I am a working lady, staying in Kochi. I have computer knowledge and typing speed. I would like to get details of form filling job with no investment.

    Kindly provide the details at the earliest. Thank you
  • By Nayanatara on January 13, 2011, 7:48 am I am a house wife, staying in Kochi. I have computer knowledge and typing speed. I would like to get details of form filling or data entry job with no investment.

    Kindly provide the details at the earliest. Thank you

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