Lucknow is the capital of the largest state in India, Uttar Pradesh. A good section of the populace of this city has a working knowledge of English. So they have a chance of becoming a typist, in the companies which have a presence in this city. The scope of setting up a typing business is also very good.

What Exactly a Person Needs To Do In Typing Jobs from Home
The job of a typist working in companies is to document and keep a record of official statements. It is essentially a clerical job. If you take up a home based work you may have to type out assignments in bulk. If it online based then you may have to fill up forms or enter data on a large scale basis.

How Go About Online Typing Jobs
If you have computer and internet at home you can look for some good typing work on the internet. The process can be quite simple and rewarding. There are many companies on the Internet who offer lucrative assignments, mostly in bulk, to home based workers. If you know how to surf the internet, it will be easy to locate these companies.

Scan through papers regularly. Many companies post advertisements for typists or type jobs. You can get in touch with these companies and take an assignment on a contractual basis. If it is a big contract you can engage a few typists under you and get the work done.

What Knowledge / Skills You Require to Get Part Time Typing Jobs
You need no experience as typing is a type of non-traditional data entry job. Those who have working knowledge of English, a good typing speed and knowledge of the internet anywhere in the world can do this type of work. Even. A person can easily become successful without having any special skills or even a college degree.

Advantages of Freelance Typing Jobs
Home typing jobs are a very good source of self employment for people around the globe. You can get offer to work from companies from many other countries.

Typing jobs are a great way to spend time for all those who stay at home. This includes moms, dads, or students who stay at home to spend their vacation. Completing projects and meeting deadlines can bring you great satisfaction.

Scams in Internet Typing Jobs
When you take up online jobs pick up businesses from legitimate companies. Companies enlisted with the BBB are legitimate companies. These companies would never try to cheat you. If you choose companies at random, you may end up choosing one which is out to fleece gullible home based workers.

What is the scope in Lucknow?
Lucknow is developing as a city. More and more companies are setting up offices here. So the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, offers excellent growth prospect for typists.

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  • By omesh on April 10, 2010, 10:05 am Dear Sir, I want to know how can I get this typing work and what will be the procedure?
    I have computer in my home but i don't have internet connection. So please do contact me if you have any offline work. Thanks.
  • By Abhimanyu on April 26, 2010, 1:09 pm Dear Sir, I want to do data entry job. I am a student.and I want to do something which should be gainful as well as oriented to my hobby also. Please reply me....provide me your telephone no. I want to clear my queries.

  • By mukta varyani on April 28, 2010, 2:32 am Hi, I am a housewife in Kanpur(U.P.). I am a science graduate(in 2007) n pursuing my MBA from symbiosis through distance learning. I have also done DOEACC's "A" level computer course. I have internet facility at home. I want to start something new without further investing. Please help.
  • By Shweta Srivastava on May 24, 2010, 10:30 am Dear Sir/ Madam, I am interested in doing some home based paper work job. Please mail me some details regarding how to do free home based paper work jobs . I don't have any idea about this. Please explain.
  • By Rahul Srivastava on May 29, 2011, 1:43 pm I have about 3-4 hours free in day time and I want to do something like computer typing or form filling work from home. So kindly tell me the contact from where I got typing/form filling work from any Lucknow based company with invest money.
  • By diwakar on August 23, 2011, 2:08 am Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in this typing work and typing paper work job. Please mail me some details regarding how to do free home typing paper work jobs. I don't have any idea about this. Please explain.

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