Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. A large number of people work in the factories and industries located in and around the city. There are several government and business offices here as well. All these offices require typists to help them carry out their official work.

What Exactly a Person Needs To Do In Freelance Typing Jobs
Companies which offer online typing jobs have thousands of online businesses enlisted in their database. The nature of their job is to assist them to let the world know of their products and services. And for your efforts they are ever ready to give you regular typing work.

The job entails just typing a few lines of data into online forms on a regular basis. The data needed to be submitted will be provided to you. Your simple work is to copy/ paste the few lines of data into each ad form.

Writing advertisements for various web sites and companies can be a very good way of starting your typing business. The companies will send you keywords which you need to include in the advertisements you write.

If the keywords are not included according to the specification of the web site or company, your work will be out rightly rejected. All you need to do is commit yourself completely and meet all the requirements to perfection. When you do this all your work is accepted.

How Go About Free Home Based Typing Jobs
Finding typing jobs can be very easy, if you know how to surf the internet. Just enter the word "online typing jobs / work " and search. You will come across many companies all across the world wanting typists or offering home based typing work. You can also get this job through newspapers.

What Knowledge / Skills You Require for Typing Jobs from Home
To become a typist you need to be good at typing and have a working knowledge of English. Your efficiency as a typist is measured in terms of the speed and accuracy you have.

To make a mark in this kind of jobs, one must have the desire to work from home, the basic ability to follow instructions, and should strive endlessly in their efforts. Once you chip in with some honest efforts you will surely get the best results.

Advantages of typing jobs:
The benefits of being able to do an online job like typing at home can be immense. In fact you can make more than what you can do of a regular 8 hour job. People who start take online jobs, particularly home based typing jobs in, soon feel that they are more sound both mentally and financially than by working under someone else.

Beware of Scams in Part Time Typing Jobs
Those looking for legitimate home typing jobs need to search for proper website. Do some background checking to ensure about its legitimacy. This is very important because there are many companies which post false claims.

What is the scope of Freelance Typing Jobs in Jodhpur?
The prospects for typing jobs in Jodhpur are as good as the Jaipur the capital of the state. You can also set up your own type business in the city.

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User Comments

  • By santosh kumar ishwar on February 27, 2010, 7:36 am Hello Sir, I want to do data entry job from home. I have a computer with internet connection. I have good knowledge of computer. So please give me free data entry at home which can be done through internet. I will do my best if I can get any project from you.
  • By satyendra singh on July 27, 2010, 3:03 am I am an engineering student and I am in search of a part time online job so that I can get for myself enough to meet up the sources not being provided by my college. Presently, I am unemployed and would like to work for any scam free organization with my full dedication and pleasure.
  • By Santosh Kumar Purohit on August 4, 2010, 8:10 am I am service class person serving in Army as civilian. So may I request your to kindly try the part time job for typing as I have good speed in typing in english. Please search part time typing job in Jodhpur in evening time. I am B.Sc, LL.B & PG Diploma in Human Resources Management from J.N.V. University, Jodhpur.
  • By Manohar Shripatirao Kulkarni on August 19, 2010, 1:25 am I am having proficiency in computer typing. I can take direct dictation online and email them immediately. I can work for Lawyers, Company Executives anybody like to take my services for dictation work and if manuscript documents are scanned or faxed, I can type them and email them at the earliest. My services are available in the evening, since I am a job holder. If any Company provides me for full time job with handsome salary, I can dedicate my services for maintaining e-files, liaisoning work etc.
  • By Vasav katiyar on September 2, 2010, 7:20 am Hello sir, I am a student of engineering college and want a part time job in typing. My typing speed is quite well but not having any work experience. I also have the broadband connection. Need offline free typing job.
  • By govindpanwar on October 2, 2010, 1:09 pm Hi, I am student of BCA and I have internet connection. I have good knowledge of computer and I am very good speed in typing. So please give me data entry job at home. I will do my best if you can trust me .
  • By K N on October 14, 2010, 4:10 pm K N Hai, I am Kannan from Jodhpur and I have 5+ years of BPO experience and also I have a own system with internet connection. so I am interested to do some home based computer data entry jobs in offline or online, so kindly provide the details of your job profile and contact details for further information. thanks.
  • By VIJAY KUMAR SINGH on March 28, 2011, 1:09 pm I am a commerce graduate having diploma in computer application and diploma in journalism also. Worked more than 18 years in private sector. But at present need to do work at home. I live at Patna and want to do some online/offline work from home like typing, data entry, email cheking and any other work which can be done from home.
  • By shailesh on May 18, 2011, 2:59 pm Hello, I am a student of 1st yr. i have just passed out my 12th class and was searching for a job.i found your company the best. I have no working experience but i m good at typing and I am also good at English. I am from Jodhpur , Rajasthan.
  • By GANESH on November 7, 2011, 7:57 am Hello, I am passedand really want to apply for online typing job. But presently working with hdfc bank to gain experience to be comfortable with future opportunity. I have the knowledge of computer and also tally 9.1.

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