The right key to a good advertising is to find out a good method of conveying the information to many people while keeping the advertising costs to a bare minimum. Advertising through search engines will be one of the viable options to bring about a considerable amount of traffic to your website and also for conversions.

Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of advertising your business through search engine. This is because of Google's brand name and also because you will have a good control of all your expenses.

With the Google Ad-Words you will be getting online targeted visitors, i.e. people who are searching for your products or service will only see your ads and visit your website. Advertisements will be placed on search pages and on websites that have the targeted words that you type.

Your bid on the selected keywords gets higher if you optimize your landing page according to google's guidelines. There is better chance of getting an ad listing at the top of the webpage. Search based advertising can help attract a lot of prospects to your site and also convert them into a prospective customer.

Google ad words are not just a PPC advertising but also a very powerful tool that can be used as an advertising method for an online ad. Also it is the largest marketing network and provides a good exposure on the internet. You can also get a lot of information about the Google AdWords from a lot of AdWords websites. Google also displays with a link at the bottom of their page called advertising programs. This keyword could have the highest bid and also a highest page ranking when similar keywords are typed in the search engine.

PPC advertising gets easy with Google Ad-Words. You can create an account of your own, select good keywords, add a tag line and place a bid on each click and also set a daily set of targeted words. You can also decide if you want ads on the search pages and other sites too. Site targeting can also be used to select few individual websites where your advertisements will appear. The advertisements that use need to be approved by Google and that should not take much time.

There are numerous websites that will help you with AdWords. It is a one of the most roaring business to work from home with AdWords in India. To start with, Google offers online tutoring that can help you with a lot of information. The process is explained in small and easy steps for beginners. There are lots of other websites that also offer AdWords like advertisiting options, but Google is the best of all. Google not only helps you bid on the keywords but also determine your advertisement's ranking and the score. This is explained in a tutorial called the AdWords Support.

With the option of setting your own position you have the high and low positions for the advertisement. Your advertisement will not be displayed but still your ranking would be high. Let's explore the AdWords secret! By using Google AdWords tool you actually bring about a lot of ideas and implement it.

Google AdWords is the best marketing tool and also a good SEO strategy. It offers a good set of tools and tutorials for you to understand and implement on your website. It is a good start for beginners and those who strive to do something from home.

What is Google Adwords?

AdWords is a completely new (undiscovered) field in internet for doing work from home online with google adwords, that is why I want to show my Indian friends, how you can work with Google AdWords in India.

AdWords is an advertising product offered by Google, which is primarily executed and used to do targeted advertisements.

Here the advertisers specify the keywords and also the budget that they are willing to spend. Google adwords only charge when google send visitor to advertiser's website and not for the display of the ad itself. The ads can be in the text format or image format.

Site Targeted Ads: This is a new addition to Google Ad-Words. Here the advertisers choose where they would like their ads to appear on the Google site

Google is popular for its search engine or mail. Marketers make a lot of profit from the same through Google AdWords. A well placed ad in Google will give them more conversions than any marketing technique. Whenever an user searches for a particular keyword an ad relevant to that will be displayed in the page. Google AdWords can be used to test the market for any new product. It is a very effective method. The placement of the ad depends on the amount a marketer is willing to bid. A higher bid gets greater visibility

The advantage of Ad-Word is that the pricing is always lower than the competitor. Also the positioning of the ad is attractive. An ad once placed takes just a few minutes to get uploaded. It allows control over ads in terms of choosing the viewership

Another way to work through Google AdWords is through an affiliate program known as Google AdWords referral program. For this you would require a Google Ad Words account and your own website or landing page. Alternatively one can sign up with another website to promote any of their products or service and create an advertisement for their product.

The two main things one should keep a check of are the Return On Investment (ROI) and Click Through Rate (CTR).
- The Return on Investment helps to calculate the profitability of the ad posted.
- Click Through Rate helps to evaluate your ad and make alternations if required so that it can increase the visibility of the ad and increase the number of people clicking on it

  • Here are some tips to maximize your business through Google AdWords
    • Keep making changes to the website depending on what works and does not work
    • The most important thing is to research the market. Check if there is a demand for the product; evaluate the competition, existing products, niche markets etc.
    • Once the data has been collected through research evaluate and analyze the same
    • Find keywords that are the least used but at the same time attract a lot of clicks as the words that are most popular have the highest CPC
    • Depending on the analysis develop an appropriate campaign with attractive keywords.
    • Using plurals or spelling variations in keywords to cover a wider audience.
    • Promote products that are costlier and have higher profit margins.

Question from User

Question: Hi there, I have been told by a friend of mine, that I can work from home using google ad words, I wanted to ask you is it true? I am a student and studiying in college, I have spare time to work from home, please suggest me jobs/work i can do from my home. I konw internet and computer very well. I am staying in India (Bangalore)

Thank you,

By Johnathan Sun 01-Jun-2008 03:41 PM

Answer: If you are interested in starting with Google Ad Words, the very first thing is you should open an account with Google. Here are some of the ways you should do:

If you are a business man you can advertise through Google AdWords for improving your sales of products. Through this kind of advertisement the products of your business will be sold more and more. In this way you can get qualifed sales or leads through Google adwords from your business.

Tracking tools are very important in your Google AdWords while doing marketing. The reason is you will be able to track your Google AdWords advertisements to know which ones perform better. With these tracking tools, you will also be able to discover how much you are paying per advertisement, which advertisements, receives the highest clicks, and the position of your advertisement, Through these tracking tools you make more qualified sales or leads.

And you place advertisements online with Google AdWords to send traffic to a advertising website. If someone purchases the product through your link, it is called a lead or sale completed. If you want to get more sales and leads from your website, you should work hard, surely you will succeed.

Therefore, you can opt through Google AdWords lot of business opportunities, work opportunities, on a part time basis and a lot of work on research analysis, assimilations of data, data entry operator work, online and offline typing work as well as secretarial work which would enable you to keep yourself occupied with the work assignments that you get either through newspapers, magazines, Google ad-words as well as by clicking onto various institutions, bodies and their websites.

Hence, you should follow all the above given methods for achievement and growth of your business and for good part-time employment.

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  • By Arnab Bhattacharya on February 27, 2010, 1:45 pm Dear Sir, I want to work from home using Google adwords. I have ver y good knowledge of computer and internet. I need your help about starting this work from home. Please send me some more details on how to get employed ASAP.

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