Online business is no different from any other sort of new venture. All business principles are the same. Determine what makes an offline business successful and then analyze your online business accordingly. Here are some steps that you need to take before deciding on an online business and the way to make it run successfully.

Decide on a Business Model
Just like a normal business you have to figure out "what" and "how" to do i.e. always make full plan of your business before you start, DON'T start until then . . . . . This will help you create a business idea and a plan and consider what other online business are doing for successful operations. Some of the options include: sell products and services, information, become a reseller, advertisement selling and extend your existing business online.

Decide on a good name
Online business is pretty much the same when compared to the offline business. The name that you decide should reflect your business in some way or the other. Your domain name is how your customers recognize you. Customers need to remember it, spell it and type it correctly in the web browsers. Good domain names that are short, easy and those that reflect your business purpose are memorable.

Effective Online store
Building an online store like an offline store is something that will attract your customer to your website. Make your own online store that has the same qualities as an offline store. The store should be easy to navigate and have a good search function. The design should reflect the image that you are searching for.

Advertising your online business
Advertising your online business in the form of advertising in newspapers and other public places also helps. To improve traffic to your webpage, you can do marketing online through various ways like submitting it to search engines, search engine marketing, email marketing to your clients but not spams, develop a promotion strategy, PR techniques etc.

Provision to swipe cards
If you are dealing with product sale then you ought to have provisions to accept credit cards and process orders like a real business. Also it needs to be secured as your customers will feel safe to do online business in your website.

Good customer relation
Making your customer happy should be your main goal. An online store can make their customers happy by offering a lot of information online, answer questions promptly and ship it as quick as possible.

Web hosting
Choosing the right web host for your website is more like choosing a landlord for renting your office as in real business. A good web host can handle a lot of traffic and responds to your questions quickly and offers other services quickly.

Scope for improvement
You got to have a constant check on the quality of services that you offer and also try new approaches. Try and make your website more interactive and have a lot of images. Make it more creative and colorful for the customers to be very attracted to your webpage. Also advertise your website and make sure you test the advertisements and measure their effectiveness.

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Question : HI, I'm really interested in doing bussiness as you are doing? How can I go ahead.??? Thnks.. Rex Amiscaray

Rex Amiscaray on Tue 22-Nov-2005 03:02 PM

Answer: Hello King, you got us wrong, we are not doing business. It is individual people doing their own business. We are here just to show them the right way or at least inspiring them to walk on the right course. We provide some inspirational discussion to the people because being an isolated lone worker it is completely up to that person that he keeps himself fit on the right course with right pace. It is all about keeping your self busy in something, you know, we all need it, and without it every thing becomes nothing.

Your daily activities are actually your fuel for day. You better search for some options of jobs available at home base works that best suits your skills and matches your criteria, then you make the right selection and go for it. Please read more and more about these opportunities provider to learn more about them, share your ideas in your friend and relatives circle if they can recommend to you to any specific source. The more the people get involved with it the more can the nation get.

Question: Hi, I am student of I am really looking forward to start some online business which I can do from home. I am looking at some viable online options to make some good business or do some good job. Can u suggest something?

By shibu on Wed 21-May-2008 06: 05 PM

Answer: You can find various online business through websites, newspaper classified advertisement. Online business opportunities includes but not limited to blogging, online focus groups or other online business like making a e - store which you can start by minimum investment.

You can do part time or full time online job, or else you can start online business for this you need to have a computer with internet connection. There are many other online job opportunities given in the advertisements, so you should visualize all those advertisements from all the sources given above. You will get good online job opportunities without fail.

You may get these jobs in educational institutions as well. As you are student you get good opportunity in engineering functions including design, permitting, and planning and construction administration for projects.

You can take this kind of works and start your work. You can contact educational institutions in person or you can contact through their email ID by giving your curriculum vitae and giving full information regarding qualification, contact address, phone number, email id and experience if you have any. This will help them to scrutinize and send you the job details including rules and regulations like submitting deadlines etc. to your email ID or to your postal address given in the curriculum vitae.If they satisfy your work, they will continue the work of yours. And you can increase your payment by doing the work nearly, accuracy and in time.

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  • By siddhesh on June 9, 2011, 9:33 am Hi, I want do online business from home. Can you tell me if this is possible to do any business from home? Also tell me what I have to do exactly? What investment I need? Can u send me free demo of program.

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