Are you tired working for long hours, traveling more than 30 km to reach your work place? Are you looking for a debt free life and want to spend more time with your family then you have to choose home based work. Lots of home based work has come up in India. You might have seen several television ads for home based jobs.

There are umpteen numbers of websites and agencies that help you with matching the right work for you. You need to have a clear idea as to what kind of job you are looking at, what returns you are expecting and how much time you can spend at the job. The home based work opportunity is very promising these days especially with a lot of educated professionals choosing this option.

If you are connected through the internet then you have a variety of home based internet work in the virtual world. You can be a typing expert, a home agent, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, online tutor etc.

A home based agent works from his home office as a customer service executive answering phone calls, solving problems, attending to queries, provide live chat, handle calls, resolve issues and many more. A virtual assistant acts as an assistant to a manager and attends all the meetings of his by staying online. The VA needs to handle reports, prepare minutes of the meeting, do secretarial work and also handle customers if need arises. A transcriptionist is one who transcribes recorded information into reports. Medical transcriptionists are on a huge demand in India. An online tutor is one who tutors and provides his notes of the subject that he chooses. His work is to conduct classes online, prepare notes for the subject and also to solve queries.

You also have to choose a scam free site when you are doing a home based web work. It is quite tough to differentiate a legitimate job with an illegitimate one. Most of the computer home based work is filled with scams. Choose properly from the pool of home based work that you get. Register with famous websites that will help you find a right job. There are many websites that would also guide you with home based affiliate work or also starting a home based business. Portals like freelance jobs,, monster, timesjobs, naukri have a repository of legitimate work available. They also have helpline numbers for you to call and check with them if you receive any scam.

When you decide a job as a legitimate one, ask few questions to yourself. Do companies approve and really honor the work or services done? Apply for the home based work once you get answers to the questions. Make good researches about the company before you fix on the job.

Do not spend too much time and efforts online to search for job. Look out for reviews about the job done by other home based workers. Check those jobs that have undergone series of screening before posted online. Protect your mailbox from scam jobs.

Question: Dear sir/madam please sends me the details of genuine offline/online home based work,
As soon as u can.
Thank u
shruti khosla

By shruti on Sat 17-May-2008 12:29 PM

Answer: You can do part time or full time online job, for this you need to have a computer with internet connection. You will get good online job opportunities without fail. You may get these jobs in educational institutions as well. You can take this kind of works and start your work. Not all freelancing websites compel with you. If you do not want to get an online job as a programmer (which is very lucrative) then you can find legions of other jobs. If you prefer to do a laidback job that does not really need a lot of expertise you should always choose data entry jobs.

All the jobs are in your computer screen choose and select the right on for you and get start to get the work done. It is really as simple as I said here. There is no pain no waste of energy. Just you need to use your brain to rate the protective mechanism for parties involved with such arrangement and how it works, if you are satisfied get to do the work instantly. It is right that if you find anything going otherwise surely you will continue working for that site. Also you will consider the fact how much is your responsibility in getting the negative result from a project output. Keep writing if you are still not satisfied with your findings.

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  • By Sivapriya on May 20, 2011, 2:10 am Sivapriya I am a house wife with a post-graduation in Biotechnology. I would like to do proofreading online. My communication skills in English are good and i have an eye for detail - especially for a wrong spelling. Since i have taken a break in my research career for pregnancy, i would like to occupy myself doing something productive like this. I am staying in Chennai but i would like to opt only for home based work for medical reasons

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