Couples together can use their domestic skills and talents to boost up their financial status in the best way. Given the fact that they are long-term partners, they can find it a very easy task to form partnership on the professional front, as well.

While working together, couples prove to be very efficient in discharging their professional responsibilities. You would find wide range of jobs that are especially designed for couples - either married partners or live-in partners in most of the cities in UK. Let's explore some of the favored jobs for couples UK.

The city of London offers wide varieties of couple jobs. Therefore, this city is the most favored place for couple job hunters throughout the UK. The employers who hire the services of couples in the city are known to offer great remuneration, as well.

Live in Jobs for Couples in UK

There are two types of couple jobs that are mostly on offer in UK. These include live-in jobs and live out jobs.

Live-in jobs generally require the employers to offer the couples accommodation facilities. While live-out jobs do not require such conditions to be fulfilled. Both types of couple jobs have several pros and cons. Live-in jobs are mostly preferred by those who have no accommodation of their own. They need to depend mainly on their employers.

However, live-out jobs are mostly favored by couples as they offer the opportunity of remaining independent in personal life.

Jobs for Couples in London

Couples who look for jobs in London are required to have experience and first class references. Some of the easily available jobs for couples in London include:

  • Gardener
  • Daily cleaner
  • Housekeeper
  • Caretaker
  • Nanny
  • Handyman
  • Launder

Jobs for Couples with Accommodation

Couples who prefer live-in jobs in London can explore job options such as PA, private secretaries, cooks, butlers, caretakers, bodyguards and butlers.

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Jobs for Couples UK: Live in and Caretaker Jobs with Accommodation

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