A distorted chronology is a common mistake on a resume. The recruiter should have a complete understanding of the candidate's previous experience. It is very important to keep a reverse chronology on your resume - the order of seniority and education, as well as the training and courses taken are listed on the resume, starting with the most recent.

In short: The most recent job should be at the top of the list. Also, it is not always advisable to list all previous positions - it is worth limiting yourself to those related to the job you are applying for.

Don't include all educational institutions

Development is a particularly important issue, but not every level of education significantly affects a potential candidate's competencies. It is customary to include the most recent level of education on a resume. An up-to-date record of education may also be relevant to the recruiter. When applying for additional training, you should indicate whether they are full-time or part-time. This information will allow the recruiter to better assess the candidate's availability. However, it is not necessary to indicate a completed elementary or general high school on the resume. The exception is for young people who do not yet have much professional experience. Then, it may be helpful to list the following steps of training.

A modern resume should be clearly written and present the potential employee in a positive light. You can focus a little more on the "courses and internships" tab, listing interesting projects you've participated in or demonstrating your volunteerism. This information may prove more interesting to the recruiter and be the subject of a later conversation with a potential employee. Again, as with jobs, you also need to follow a reverse chronology in this case.

A handwritten resume or the wrong format document

In the digital age, very few people choose to write resumes by hand. However, experts insist that such decisions should be avoided. First, it is extremely easy to create and print a resume today, and although it takes time, you can create a clear and aesthetically interesting document. Second, everyone's handwriting is different, and not everyone is well-read. Moreover, this form is considered unprofessional. But what if you created a resume as an electronic document? Here it is worth noting that the best format for creating curriculum vitae is PDF. If you choose to use text files, the employer won't be able to read your resume.

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Don't include all educational institutions

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