Everything becomes digitalised and that also goes for the way you run your shop. It does not matter if your shop is a clothing shop, electronics shop or homeware retailer, all deal with the same thing: it s easy for customers to find out what other people think of your shop. Look at Zaful, a clothing shop that fully depends on reviews to gain new customers. But what can reviews for your company and in what way can they provide you with more customers? That s what you can read here.

What Reviews Do for Customers

A couple of decades ago you only new a company when you accidentally came across it or when other people told you about a shop or one of their products. That s still the same although the manner in which people tell each other about their hobby shop experiences has evolved. Nowadays, people can google a company and see what other people have to say about it. They don t have to rely on the people around them. So the first thing they do when they want to buy a new washing machine or visit a clothing shop is to search for reviews. They know that salespeople and manufacturers are often too positive about their own radio while real customers might not have the same opinion about a gaming laptop or game console. Therefore, they will search for opinions of independent customers. These customers will not make things better than they are just to sell something. And even if you as a salesman or saleswomen are reliable, customers don t know that and there are enough untrustworthy companies to make them doubt your honest words.

What Reviews Do For Companies

People really start to dislike commercials and advertisements – in fact, many people already hate them from time to time. Therefore, that s not the way to reach new customers. The best way to persuade people to buy your dress or shoes is via reviews. If your brand of sports clothing or outdoor gear gets bad reviews, people won t be included to shop at your shop. And maybe your furniture is amazing but people experience that your delivery service or customer service is lacking, they will not be returning to your homeware shop or sports shop. They will also advise others against visiting your pet shop if they need new pet food. Positive reviews, however, have the opposite effect. Happy customers of an office supplies shop are willing to recommend your party shop to friends, relatives and family members. This means you have gained some new customers. These customers and perhaps also the customers that came to your shop because of them will come back once they anything else your personal care shop provides. After all, even the most amazing make-up won t last forever and you want them to buy a new lipstick or toothbrush at your company.

In short: Keep customers happy and they will return with other new customers. Happy customers are the only way to keep your company afloat.

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Reviews and Happy Customers

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