Business Process Outsourcing has become a major form of business these days. Many companies have it as core business as BPO is growing very fast and the major focus of IT industry is revolving over there. Companies worldwide have started to outsource. The BPO industry helps many companies to reduce cost, increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Many companies outsource their work to other BPO companies that are willing to do the job in reduced costs. The companies that outsource are at an advantage of reduced cost and responsibility. The external provider delegates the work to the BPO Company and assigns the tasks to be done specifying the exact process and the required infrastructure for it. The work is done by the professionals assigned by the BPO Company who has accepted the outsourcing. The provider pays them for the work done which are pre determined by both BPO Company and the external provider company.

Outsourcing activities can vary from paying bills of a mobile in Australia from India, Hardware assistance, Claims processing, back end jobs, accounting transactions etc. The outsourcing jobs can be classified into voice and non voice. Some jobs do not need a micro phone or a telephone to interact with the customers. They are either connected through chat or can help the customers through emails. The voice based jobs are more into speaking the customers and solving their queries.

These days BPO jobs are growing at a fast pace. Many young candidates are opting for a career in BPO as they are challenging and have a very vibrant crowd. The main reasons for it are they interact with a lot of multi lingual customers and also tend to meet a lot of people around. Also all the candidates who are in this career are given accent training depending on the country they are targeting. Contact center jobs focus industries like Retail, Banking, Health Care and Life sciences, Telecommunication, Hi-tech and Manufacturing. They provide services across all these industries like customer support, technical support, email help, inbound calling etc.

A goal to perceive the best is the maximum courage one needs to attain success in the BPO interview. Here are few questions that are asked in the BPO industry.

1. Give us a few lines about you.

Suggested answer: This question is to just warm you up. Show your best self and point out things about you.

2. Give us 1 reason to choose us.

Suggested answer: As you would have made a research on the company, try hinting all those good points about the company and give them reasons why you would want to be a part of their team.

3. How fluent are you in English language?

Suggested answer: Rank yourself in the grade of ten. You have to be very good in speaking. More than your writing skills your verbal skills matter a lot to them. This is especially because you are going to interact with a lot of international customers.

4. Imagine you have applied to a customer service job, then what do you think about it?

Suggested answer: Tell them all about how customers are the king and how much importance you have to give them when they approach you. Customers are the blood of the company. Let them know all the etiquettes that you follow when come to customer service so that your recruiter gets impressed.

5. Your biggest weakness

Suggested answer: This question is to judge if you have a huge weakness. Make your weakness into a positive one. Like say, tell them you are a workaholic. Workaholics are not bad but then tell them you are trying to reduce that and get in more life to your work. Also you can say that you procrastinate. Follow the weakness with a solution that you have found. This could be that you have started to work with schedules and with a strict time table.

These are the questions that any BPO interview would have. All BPO interviews test the candidate’s method of talking, body language, English fluency or multi language fluency, boldness, confidence and courage to speak up. Sometimes behavioral interviews are also done in BPO interviews. So make sure you are all set for an interview.

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