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Question: Please give me a address of telimarketing frenchaicy company in india with minimum investment and its process. Please help to find telemarketing Companies from where I can start my business.

By hemant singh on Mon 02-Jun-2008 11:43 AM

Answer: There are plenty of telemarketing companies in this country and you can refer various magazines based on classified advertisements to get the names and addresses of telemarketing companies. Telemarketing companies employ telecallers who call on their daily basis various referred contacts and get firm businesses and you can pursue those contacts for fructifying your businesses with them.

The process of contacting telemarketing companies are to fulfill their terms and conditions of application and entering into contracts with them for payments which vary from company to company. The payment will be as specified by the company and can be fixed on a monthly basis also or on a quarterly basis or half yearly basis or annual basis.
The investment which will be required will be on telephone and a cell phone and their payment of calling bills.

Apart from these whatever telemarketing company wants you to keep should be kept for which you should contact the telemarketing company in detail in a candid manner so that in a nutshell all matters of dealing with them get cleared in two or three meetings.
Thus, telemarketing companies provide useful services which give returns much more than the investments made by you, it provides a lot of business growth opportunities which would augment your income and business prospects which will bring prosperity in a large measure.

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  • By ankit vawal on January 30, 2010, 8:24 am Actually I have an assignment to do in my college. Hence I need an example of the companies which are using telemarketing in India specifically....Hence I request if I could get the names of the companies I will be very thankful to you....
    I am sure this website will surely help me in doing my assignment....
    Thanking You
    Ankit Vawal

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