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Please provide information or details of genuine home jobs, offering work from home opportunities in Bhubaneswar.

Your City: Bhubaneswar
Your Country: India

By SM on Mon 27-Apr-2009 01:50 PM

Answer: Hi SM,

There are many work from home opportunities are available in BBSR, to give your proper guidance, I need some more details from you, Like what is your education, what job are you currently, what are you interested in doing?...

Just to brief you, there are many jobs which can be done from home like data entry jobs, medical transcription jobs, content writing jobs, its better if you just brief me about your interests. Also let me know how many hours a day you can arrange to do these work from home jobs.

I want to give you 1 more advise, that whatever work from home job you select, incase if any employer is asking something from you, please don't do that job, because there are many scams going on internet, you need to take care of those.

Hi Friends I am staying in India, today I want to unveil some good job and business opportunities which are available in India. I have listed some great working from home opportunities which you can easily do it from your home in India.

This list of ideas and tips is neither absolute nor comprehensive, and shall keep on being up-dated.

  • Renovation and cleaning of garages : Many garages require clean-up or entire renovation, a lot of people will happily give you to do this kind of job for them. You can offer your services to middle or higher level groups.
  • Business cleaning: Nowadays cleaning of offices and houses are in great demand. Many people are occupied in this kind of job. Recommend big offices and higher level people to do their workplace or house cleaning task. You decide to be salaried per room, hourly or monthly.
  • Baby Sitting: If you have an underground or additional room in your house then you can start baby sitting. You just have to buy small desks and benches, toys like dolls, teddy bears, cars etc. Costs can be different with area or locality. Many states need a certificate and some education, mainly 1st Aid and baby CPR.
  • Taking photographs: There are many advertising and insurance companies which require accurate and perfect photographs of automobiles like cars, sports cars, bikes etc. and properties. It's not practical to have business delegate in every area and will happily give somebody to do this job.
  • Errand Service: You can work on hourly basis to do a wide range of errands for customers. Hard working moms, alone parents, administrative and elders are fine targets.
  • Transfer advisor/expert: Your job is to assist new people in cities to find out building, home, schools and so on according to their requirements. It works excellent in cities which have large population.
  • Private cook: It needs great cooking abilities or you can become a qualified cook. As a private cook, your job is to prepare delicious customized food for family units and individuals.
  • Computer teacher: If you have ability to work with computers you can start working by helping those people who are new in the field of computer. You can teach them how to work with the computer systems.

Keep in mind, you require very good dedication and interest to set up home business project, you can even do this in your free time. I will keep on updating this article with some more thoughts and guidelines.

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Question : Hello. My name is Mrs. Vidya & I live in bangalore with my husband and a young son. I am looking for oppurtunities in working from home, as I have a child at home. Could you please give me details on the profile of job that I can do? Also please let me know if there is any intial registration fee that needs to be done to begin work with you.

Thank you
vidya iyer

By Vidya Iyer on Sat 13-Aug-2005 10:48 AM

Hi Vidya, I prefer you look for some other options of jobs like article writng, content writing. However, I feel if you search more and more on the web or by your favorite search engine you will be able to find some more authentic sites that have millions of users. I know there are mostly around ten sites that come up with search results by the search engine if you provide right key words for the search.

These sites have quite a few millions of users around the globe and I say these are the landing sites for outsourced or work on hire basis jobs for freelancers or home based workers, where they get direct interaction with the western buyers. If you feel to go for sites or works based in India, it is most likely that you are doing things sub-contracted basis. You will not get the payment you deserve for your work but also the work provider may give some gifts for your hard work. So spend more time with your search engine to find some more authentic jobs that's brings world of opportunities to you. You can then possibly choose a field for your work to continue, for example; data entry, web designing, data mining, data processing, photography, perl, copy writing and so on.

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  • By Pramod Dhayalkar on May 3, 2010, 1:39 pm I am Pramod from Bhubneswar. I am graduate. I work with CA firm for 6 years. I would like to do freelance accounting job from home. I have 6 years experience in accounts & taxation. Please give me home based accounting jobs. Thanking You.
  • By D. Sumathi on May 4, 2010, 1:14 pm Hello, I am from Bhubneshwar. I am pass. Currently I am doing job in a private sector. I have a high speed internet connection. I need a online data entry job which I can do from home in my spare time.
  • By M.POOJA on June 22, 2010, 10:13 am I Want any type of home based typing jobs in India with out investment, I am a typist was working in office for document typing but now I am free and I can do typing jobs for 3-5hrs a day I am specially looking for freelance typing jobs.

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