BlackBerry is a handheld Smartphone device which integrates features like e-mail, web browser and PDA (personal digital assistant). It was designed and developed by Canada-based firm Research in Motion (RIM) in the year 1996. The PDA function of the device includes features like calendar, address-book and to-do list.

BlackBerry is also known to serve as a portable media player to support video and music playback and video recording as well as camera shooting facilities. The device is known for its basic potential of enabling easy transmission of email massages from any place that is covered by mobile network service. In absence of mobile network coverage, the device uses Wi-Fi connectivity for transmission of email massages.

Wide career options are associated with BlackBerry. Most of the jobs in BlackBerry happen in marketing, technical support and support administration segments. Career in BlackBerry support and administration requires sound academic and professional backgrounds. Career-oriented people who want to explore the professional field of BlackBerry should have degree in any of the IT (Information Technology) disciplines. They are also required to have successfully completed BlackBerry training program as well as BlackBerry Certification Examination.

Recruitments in BlackBerry in India
Some of the popular Recruitments in BlackBerry in India include job-titles such as:

  • Blackberry Support Administrator
  • Blackberry Technical Support Consultant
  • Application Development Consultant
  • BlackBerry Retail Sales Representative
  • Senior Mobile UX/UI Design Engineer
  • Assistant Infrastructure Engineer
  • J2ME Developer
  • iPhone Developer

Careers at Blackberry India
Indian cities like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Noida have several BlackBerry retail outlets, call centers and corporate offices. These offices are known to generate significant number of jobs in BlackBerry in India. Some of the prestigious BlackBerry employers in India include:

  • BMC Software
  • Research in Motion
  • Goodrich
  • Bitstream India Pvt Ltd
  • VirtualEmployee Pvt. Ltd
  • Steria (India) Limited
  • Agnity India Pvt Ltd

The official websites of these employers offer great deal of information regarding Blackberry India careers and the application procedure.

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  • By B.Mounika on December 15, 2010, 1:45 am Sir/madam, I am B.MOUNKA.I am very much interested to get into the blackberry. But I don't know how to get into please suggest me how to approach.I stay in Hyderabad, I am B.Tech CSE student. I am also planning to do MBA in finance or international business. I have special interest in blackberry administration. Therefore, I wish to work with Blackberry. I would like to know about the job opportunities in the field of administration, which can utilize my skills.

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Jobs in Blackberry in India: Careers and Recruitment in Blackberry

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