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Question: Hello my name is shibu, I am looking for some viable options for work online. What are the skills required for online work. Could you suggest some internet work as I am really looking forward to start something?

By shibu on Wed 21-May-2008 06: 04 PM

Answer: Starting your home-based business online work is very viable. New technologies and business trends such as outsourcing have facilitated online careers. You can find legions of diverse jobs. The factors of time and place have been diminished. Henceforward no matter how remote you dwell you can always find outsourced job opportunities. You can find jobs that go in accord with your skills and expertise.

If you have nothing but a computer and an internet connection, no expertise in a specific field you can still find online jobs or online work such as data entry. Data entry jobs require no sophisticated skills except being apt to type quickly. Moreover, if you have a good writing skill you can undertake writing or a copywriting job. However, if you have expertise in a specific field such as web design or programming or engineering then you will be getting ample of freelance work. Moreover, if you have good managerial and customer service expertise you can find very lucrative jobs in big business firms that choose to outsource their customer care services.

Online jobs or online work are like data entry, writing, copywriting, web design, graphic design and customer service; however, they are not limited to the previous list. To start finding an online job now you should search for freelancing websites using popular search engines. On these websites you will find a lot of service buyers who are willing to delegate some tasks and projects to eligible service vendors who possess the skills needed. You, as a service vendor, should apply to the jobs that you feel you can complete punctually and efficiently.

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  • By Deepika on March 11, 2011, 9:18 am Hi!
    I am computer expert and working as a computer instructor in a renowned school in Delhi from last 8.5 yrs. I am aware of internet and MS Office, Corel. i am looking for online work which I can do in free time in evening after working hours or even in day time if required.


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