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part time job like data entry
hi sir, i suraj i want to do part time job but i find your web by net so i could not be satisfied what is....so you send me details ..my email no any envestment thanks&regards mr suraj upadhyay 099300xxxx

Your City: Mumbai
Your State: Maharashtra
Your Country: India

By suraj upadhyay on Mon 27-Apr-2009 09:36 AM

Question 2:
To start data entry work without investment

Your City: Mumbai
Your State: Maharashtra
Your Country: India

By sayyed sohail ali on Mon 27-Apr-2009 08:47 AM

Answer: Hello Sanjay and Sayyed,

Let me just give you brief you on what exactly the data entry jobs are, in most of the data entry jobs you have to basically do entries of data from paper to computer, for example from a hard copy of book you may be asked to type the whole book in word or PDF.

Now the Big Question? How to find right data entry jobs, well to tell you frankly finding data entry jobs online is really difficult, because most the jobs are just scams. Then also there are some employer who gives you data entry jobs.

Just to give you 1 tip here, whenever you find a job provider, and if you want to judge him, whether he is legitimate or not, before joining any such jobs, just try to give call on the numbers provided on the website, ask them everything, like how old is your company, how many employees are there in your company? What if the address of your company? etc.

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  • By R F on December 14, 2010, 3:07 pm R F I'm a working person aged 25 years interested to work from home jobs in Mumbai. I have completed my post graduation in computer application. I can do home based data entry job and online survey . So pls let me know some details whether I can do this job at home, let me know data entry jobs without registration.

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