Question :- I am working as a Spanish translator presently. I want to work from home. How will be the package and what are the benefits?

Your City: Chennai
Your Country: India

By Rama Rao Chevula on Thu 05-Jun-2008 12:13 PM

Answer: You should select to work for foreign companies with Indian joint ventures, international bodies, various governments, etc. for interpreters jobs so that you will have ample opportunities to have a interface with foreigners as well as Indians. This would help proper carrying on of discussions and meetings as well as collaboration talks and various other business purposes. This also helps in the carrying on of governments’ important conferences especially in central government circles where interpreters’ jobs play a major role to making the two parties understand each others view points as they cannot directly understand each other since they do not know Spanish.

You can also for a suitable assignment in the country of Spain international bodies and companies so that you will not be kept agog with new environmental feelings and a feeling of oneness will prevail as far as speaking medium is concerned.

You can visualize newspapers, advertisements, magazines, as well as various other journals by spanning jobs wanted columns as well as on walk-in opportunities for taking up a lot of assignments for interpreting. You can also check with various publication houses where you can contribute articles for proper assimilations in Spanish language which can be published in various journals which are distributed not only in India but also abroad. You can also club on to various emails which get you offers from various countries so that you can improve the utility of knowledge of Spanish language and this skill can be put to optimum use.

Always remember, If you have good skills, it always helps, and it will be considered generously by various companies, institutions and bodies all over the world.

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  • By kiran on December 13, 2009, 4:59 am hello sir/madam.... i have completed my spanish course 1st session in R.K.Math, hyderabad. i am searching for a Spanish translation job based on spanish and i am in degree final year right now.... plez help me....
  • By bharath on September 27, 2010, 3:08 pm Hello, I have completed my Spanish cop(certificate of proficiency)from EFLU(english and foreign languages university)in Hyderabad. I am doing MCA final year now. I would like to do simple Spanish to English translation job. I have no experience. Please help me
  • By F A on October 1, 2010, 3:45 pm F A I'm Mexican and I visited Kerala this year (2010). I've been English - Spanish translator and interpreter for the last 20 years. My level of Spanish is really wide, of course, because is my mother language. I'm your best option.
  • By Mrs. Shubha on October 4, 2011, 11:08 pm Mrs. shubha here.
    We have a huge volume of 3lakh words work relating to IT field from Spanish>English. We can offer you 0.02 Euros which comes to Rs. 1.30 in INR. The mode or pattern of the work would be daily submission. Get back to me asap with your CV. I am herewith attaching a sample text in Spanish. Note : This text is only for seeing what kind of content would it be.

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