Aarhus is a popular city in Denmark. It is termed as an old city with modern outlook. The city has a population of about 300,000 people. It has also the distinction of being the second largest city in Denmark.

Over the past few years, the city of Aarhus has registered tremendous economic progress. It is mainly due to the expansion of industrial and commercial pockets. The city has also made a mark of its own as a major tourist destination.

Being a port city, Aarhus has been a center of export and import. The city is home to several industrial units and agricultural-product processing units. These products are exported to other destinations. Important materials that are imported to the city are coal and iron. All these combine to strengthen the economy of the city and create numerous job opportunities for job aspirants.

Jobs in Aarhus

Jobs in Aarhus Denmark are also offered in large number in many academic institutions, research facilities, hotels and inns, restaurants and retail shops. The university of Aarhus is the largest academic institution in the city. This university operates 25 research organizations and educational institutes. Other popular academic institutions that are found in the length and breadth of the city are:

  • Aarhus School of Business
  • Aarhus Technical College
  • Danish School of Journalism
  • Royal Academy of Music
  • Engineering College of Aarhus

These institutes altogether account for large number of job opportunities meant for people with liking for teaching profession.

Being a major tourist destination, the city is home to wide range of hotels, inns and cottages. These accommodation facilities act as important employers in the city. Some of the popular hotels that are located in the city are:

  • Hotel Royal
  • Helnan Marselis Hotel
  • CABINN Aarhus
  • Ry Park Hotel
  • Hotel Mercur
  • Villa Provence
  • Best Western Hotel Ritz
  • City Sleep-In

Part Time Jobs in Aarhus

The city of Aarhus has rich resources for part time job hunters. Part time jobs in Aarhus are generally offered in retail shops, supermarkets, factories fast food restaurants and construction companies.

English Speaking Jobs

Denmark has good job opportunities for English speaking professionals as it is mainly a Danish job market, with respect to the language.

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Jobs in Aarhus, Denmark: Part Time and English Speaking Jobs in Aarhus

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