India tops the list among tourist's destinations in the world. So the hospitality industry in this country offers ample scope to job seekers. India abounds in hotels, bars, cafe, resorts, cruise ships, pubs, fast food restaurants and coffee shops. Also with the opening up of the aviation sector to private participants more and more jobs in this field have been created. So the hospitality industry is one the biggest employers in the country.

Hospitality Jobs in India

  • Though the hospitality industry enjoys the reputation for low salary and long hours it is, in today's context, a misconceived notion.
  • Given the high returns most companies in India are offering great rewards to cheer people enter the industry and take up an aviation or hotel job.
  • Once you specialize in hospitality services global opportunities are thrown open at you.
  • Apart from a chance to get jobs worldwide some other benefits of working in the hospitality industry are flexible working hours thereby, allowing you to fit work around your family responsibilities, free meals, incentives, leave travel, medical insurance and pension schemes.

How to get Jobs in Hotels and Restaurants?

  • Various institutes have come up throughout the country to train freshers for the industry.
  • Training programs are a good way to experience all departments of a hotel, restaurant or aviation sector. It is through the course of training that you can see which department suits you the most.
  • Hospitality recruiters value diversity and experience. Interviews are conducted to know about their knowledge in the sphere in which they specialize.
  • The industry, however takes a dim view of those candidates who change jobs too often. So apart from your skills your salary structure depends a lot on your loyalty towards a company in the industry.
  • Once you gain in experience and have sufficient expertise you can command a very good salary.
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  • By P L on October 3, 2010, 4:08 pm P L I'm a fresher out of college after doing my Hotel management.Looking for a job.Looking for a job in a Hotel or restaurant. I have very good people handling skills with good spoken and written english and a good personality.I stay in Mumbai,..
  • By Anirban chakraborty on October 21, 2010, 1:03 am Hi, I am from Madurai currently working in Pune. My salary is not enough for me as well as my family. So I like to take some other work.. I am searching for a good hospitality job. I am a fresher. Kindly tell me something about this job.

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Hospitality Jobs in India: Hotel, Resort, Restaurant Jobs for Freshers

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